Strongcast Meter Assembly Kit

  • 2017

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    Hardware and Building

Designed By:

  • Infinity Design Pty Ltd
  • Strongcast Pty Ltd

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Strongcast Pty Ltd

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The Strongcast Complete Meter Assembly Kit is an innovative and versatile water meter solution that saves water, labour and installation time. By reducing the number of connection points and simple installation in multiple applications, the kit provides genuine benefits to the water utility, plumber and homeowner.

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  • The Strongcast Complete Meter Assembly Kit requires no plumbing tapes or adhesives and only has four connection points. This means that a complete kit including the water meter, two Strongcast Valves and the Strongcast Bracket can be assembled together in a matter of seconds. Competitor systems currently have approximately 12 brass components which can take several minutes to assemble and require the use of thread tape. Adhesives are also often required, meaning a curing time of up to several hours. The simple design of the Strongcast Complete Meter Assembly Kit means that products can be dispatched rapidly and if plumbers choose to assemble or modify kits in the field it can be done in an instant.

  • The Strongcast Complete Meter Assembly Kit has eliminated up to 60% of the potential leak points in a domestic water meter assembly. This means that councils and utilities may see a reduction of unbilled water due to fewer leaks on the council side of the meter, and the homeowner will not be paying for water leaks that occur on the house side of the meter. When this is considered on the scale of an entire District Metered Area (DMA) the design has the capacity to save the loss of water on an enormous scale.

  • The Strongcast Complete Meter Assembly Kit can be used in a broad range of scenarios and will suit most applications. The kit is designed to be installed as a wall mounted assembly in high rise buildings, an above ground assembly where councils require the meter to be above the ground and as a below ground assembly when snapped into the Strongcast Meter Box. The design of the Strongcast Bracket allows for a variety of valve and fitting combinations to ensure that all possible scenarios and requirements are catered for. This saves council plumbers, contractors and merchants from keeping large inventories of stock as the Strongcast Complete Meter Assembly Kit can be used for almost every application.

  • When the Strongcast Complete Meter Assembly Kit is used in below ground applications it forms a strong barrier to reduce the ingress of soil and tree roots into the meter box. Existing meter boxes are open at the bottom which allows soil and debris to enter the cavity and this often compromises the meter assembly. Current best practice is to wrap the base of meter boxes with geo-fabric. The Strongcast Complete Meter Assembly Kit is a solid assembly that not just removes the need for geo-fabric, but increases productivity and consistency during installation whilst protecting the meter and valves for the future.

    When water meters are installed in Greenfield Works (subdivisions and new estates) the ground level often varies after the water meters have been installed due to landscaping and other works. It is most common for the meter boxes to be lifted up to the new ground level but the meters and fittings remain at the original level, sometimes deep below the meter box which is supposed to protect the meter assembly. The Strongcast Complete Meter Assembly Kit is a solid unit as the Strongcast Meter Bracket is snapped into the Strongcast Meter Box. This allows for the entire Assembly to be raised to suit the higher ground level where necessary, and can be done at any point after the initial installation.

    The Strongcast Meter Bracket is a patented product that boasts several industry leading features. The Strongcast Meter Bracket snaps into the Strongcast Meter Box in a strong but removable manner which allows the box to be detached from the assembly if necessary for future maintenance of the valves or meter. The Strongcast Valves are held securely to the bracket with adjustable bolts and can be easily assembled and removed by loosening the bolts. There are 2 valve positions clearly marked on the Bracket in order to simplify and standardise assembly where different valve combinations are required.