Steelcase Navi TeamIsland

  • 2018

  • Product
    Furniture and Lighting

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United States of America

Navi TeamIsland is a modular desking system, engineered for better user experience in a more compact footprint. HighSit configuration’s elevated desk height enhances perceived spaciousness. Sit and stand comfortably, maintaining eye-level interaction with the people around you. The ‘end-of-run’ counter, offers a space for sharing information, fostering interaction and teamwork.

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  • Organisations thrive when their people are engaged and connected; yet managing for growth amidst rising real estate costs often leads to choices that compromise employee wellbeing. People and Growth The Steelcase design team set out to design a workstation that would address the physical, cognitive and emotional wellbeing needs of employees – people; while also delivering for the business on spatial efficiency, supporting a mixed range of activities, including learning and mentoring; growth.

  • People At standing height with a false floor, taking a seat is natural and comfortable. Employees change postures regularly and intuitively, sitting to standing, throughout the day, without interrupting the workflow. Movement positively impacts cognitive performance and quick catch-ups and interactions are easily accessible with the end-of-run counter. Whether sitting or standing, Navi encourages eye-to-eye collaboration, supporting emotional wellbeing. Growth A perception of enhanced spaciousness in a smaller footprint frees up space for a more diverse selection of settings and worktools. The end-of-run counter encourages sharing, learning and mentoring desired by the business, in a comfortable and natural way.

  • Navi TeamIsland HighSit creates a new category of workstations. It’s the first in class to provide varied postures of working without the need to adjust the workstation, all while providing the same conventional ergonomic support as a traditional desk. The static nature of the product means that workstations that offer varied postures are no longer exclusive to a limited portion of the office but this element of physical wellbeing can now be provided throughout.

  • The carpeted platform elevates the floor plane, retaining the same distance from the platform to the worksurface as a standard desk so that conventional seating ergonomics are not lost. It helps recreate the experience of working at normal desk height so that the seated position is more familiar and comfortable. The Podium creates a convenient perch for impromptu, dyadic collaboration and acts as a lightweight boundary with integrated storage space. Collaborative end counters create meaningful adjacencies, fostering interaction and teamwork, and saves real estate, as they offer efficient spaces for sharing information that would ordinarily require meeting rooms. The storage leg provides storage space for personal items, creating a sense of permanence and privacy. The top of the leg serves as a convenient bag drop. The Flip-Up offers easy, seamless access to technology. The friction hinge can be used to dock mobile phones or tablets, while small items can be stored on the underside of the door.