Stacy’s Rise Project 2019 LTO

  • 2020

  • Communication

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United States of America

Staying true to its roots as a company founded by a strong female entrepreneur, Stacy’s Pita Chips made its biggest effort yet to support strong, hard-working women throughout Women’s History Month in March 2019 and beyond with the launch of The Rise Project.

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  • The Stacy’s Rise project drives support for women entrepreneurs with a $100K commitment from Stacy's in the form of micro-grants. What’s more, supporters can help match the brand’s $100K commitment by donating $10 —and claim a bag and collector’s print as a thank you. All proceeds directly support United Way in the funding of these essential micro-grants for women entrepreneurs.

  • Due to the altruistic nature of the project, we carefully selected six female artists to each depict a phase in “The Rise”—our name for the unique journey women business founders take when driving towards success. The phases of The Rise are Inspiration, Courage, Grit, Nourishment, Success and Community. We selected each artist based on their correlating phase.

  • Consumers donated $10 towards micro-grants for Female Founders and received the an LTO bag and print as an appreciation gift. Each $10 donation was then matched by PepsiCo. The consumer hopefully benefited in the ‘feel good factor’ of giving to an important cause they may not have been previously aware of. The bag designs were created to artistically shine a spotlight on Female Founders Journey and how their path is different from their male counterpart. From Inspiration to Courage to Grit to Nourishment to Success and finally creating Community

  • Studies have shown that women continue to lack equal access, growth opportunities and financial investment – receiving only about 2 percent of all venture funding, despite owning 38 percent of the businesses in the country.