Spotify, Singapore

  • 2021

  • Architectural
    Interior Design

Designed By:

  • M. Moser Associates

Commissioned By:

M. Moser Associates (S) Pte Ltd


Designed In:


Addressing exponential growth in Asia Pacific, Spotify needed an inclusive and dynamic regional hub in Singapore. It needed to embody its playful and innovative culture to attract the best talent in the industry. The new workplace explores new ways of working while enhancing Spotify’s identity, bringing together artists, creators and the wider creative community.

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Image: Owen Raggett
Image: Owen Raggett
Image: Owen Raggett
Image: Owen Raggett
Image: Owen Raggett
Image: Owen Raggett
Image: Owen Raggett
Image: Owen Raggett
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  • Spotify wanted a workplace that would "unlock the potential of human creativity", support idea sharing and build community. It needed to balance public-facing brand spaces with a highly optimised, yet private workspace. The welcoming public floor is designed as an immersive brand destination. Two different community spaces, a work-lounge and a semi-private staff café, can be activated for events with a fully equipped stage. The staff floor is designed as a place where passionate and innovative people can be their very best. It prioritises functional spaces for collaboration and focus work, including a library, flexible team zones, and meeting rooms.

  • Technology is at the centre of Spotify's business. M Moser designed a simple and meaningful plan to represent this purpose, whilst supporting operational needs. The centre of both floors is built-up with a Core - a highly functional, engineered block resembling a computer base unit. All meeting rooms, phone booths, the kitchen, pantry and other technical programming sit within it. Enveloping the Core, the surrounding Landscape is environment in which to work, socialise and play. Devoid of fixed workstations and enriched with biophilia and natural light, these shared, open environments manifest Spotify's culture of transparency and communication.

  • "We design for People at Work" and that belief inspires us to create human-centred work environments. By understanding diverse employee needs and developing spaces around activities and behaviours, we've delivered an effective and supportive workplace. It is highly responsive to individual needs, bringing to life Spotify's commitment to diversity and inclusivity. Agile and futureproofed, it provides a sense of emotional safety for those readjusting to a return to the office. Spotify's new regional hub needed to be a showcase brand destination. This dynamic and playful space attracts talent and creators from across the region, inspiring creativity and innovation.

  • Spotify Singapore integrates meaningful and memorable experiences that enrich the user journey to engage, inspire and connect. The Tunnel of Fame, a light and sound installation on arrival to the public floor, celebrates Spotify's community talent. Labelled with local and international creators it provides a symbol of achievement by putting 'names in lights' and representing the brand's reach across SEA. An abundance of rich colour, graphics and artwork emphasise a focus on diversity and inclusion. Curated accessories add another layer of experience and immersion to evoke Spotify's creative spirit. As employees increasingly choose where they work best, creating a sense of purpose and an enhanced user experience is an essential strategy to maximise workplace benefit and wellbeing.