SoundLink Micro Speaker

  • 2018

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    Consumer Electronics

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United States of America

You need music. We made a speaker that can keep pace with you. It doesn’t matter what you are doing—hiking, cooking or hanging out, Bose designed the SoundLink Micro to be a portable companion to your lifestyle. Need more sound? Use Party Mode to connect two speakers.

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  • We wanted to make a speaker that performs every time you get it wet. We built this one to survive a fall in the pool or in the ocean. There’s no need to panic if you drop it. Custom transducer and Passive Radiators were designed to help reduce the overall size of SoundLink Micro. Powerful sound from small custom components to create a more portable design. Prevents unwanted tampering with areas of the speaker that need to remain intact to function properly. The overall designs structural integrity is robust considering the fasteners aren’t visible to the outside of the product.

  • SoundLink Micro’s tough but inviting smooth-to-the touch silicone exterior can handle the on-the-go lifestyle. It’s meant to go hiking, snowboarding, camping, to the beach etc.. while holding up to the elements and tumbles it may incur along the way. Robust mechanical design - able to withstand 6 foot drops onto concrete. It’s compact design allows SoundLink Micro to easily be stowed and carried around by the user. The tear-resistant strap allows the user to attach the speaker to just about anything, bike handles, shower, coolers. This delivers on our customer centric vision of SoundLink Micro being useful wherever you go.

  • Many customers seeking a way to play music aloud find themselves using inadequate micro speakers with poor quality output. Products in the micro speaker market shouldn’t compromise for quality. Using a phone speaker is another sub-par experience many sound-seekers limit themselves to. Bose decided to challenge this area and produce a speaker capable of delivering on these unmet needs. SoundLink Micro is the best of both worlds: It’s compact size and attachable strap allows extreme portability while providing an impressive range of quality sound from its custom components.

  • Designed for any surface. The overall design is complimentary of its users environment. Designed to adapt and fit in wherever you go. The durable silicone exterior limits the product from enduring scratches, dents or other visible damage that metal and plastic products would incur in case of a drop or mishandling over time. The durable strap is there when you need it, stows away nicely when you don’t. Designed to never be in the way but conveniently available when you do need it. iPX7 rated: Completely waterproof. Speakerphone enabled: Take calls through the speaker. Listening Modes: Party Mode & Stereo Mode Siri & Google voice commands.