Sonaray Delta Range

  • 2018

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    Commercial and Industrial

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United States of America

Sonaray Delta Range is a flexible lighting system capable of adapting to the changing commercial and industrial market. Significantly reducing maintenance cost and prolonging the light life-cycle. Combining our patented interchangeable driver and optic lens control, to create powerful light penetration, with flexibility to upgrade, integrate and adapt to multiple applications.

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  • To design a long-term solution for a new lighting system which is adaptable to multiple commercial applications with the focus on lighting performance, upgradeability and sustainability. Key points to address - Reducing maintenance and operational cost, - Adaptable to a large range of industries around the world. (e.g. power, voltage etc) - Increase efficiency of lighting penetration and control. - Safety/protection for workers and company (anti-glare, surge protection). - Upgradeability for future technology. - Extendable product life. - Competitively priced. - Comply with our company green initiative - reducing waste, and

  • From Research and feedback from clients, we have added new functionality to the Delta range. We have developed optic lenses to control the light and increase light penetration, quality, spread, and even reduced the amount of glare without the use of diffusers or reflectors. Hence increasing the lights overall efficiency. With the removable driver we have added 450V surge protection as a standard, and multi-power source capability for the international market. Australia has some of the highest temperatures in the world, we have developed the unique one-way pressure release valve in drivers for the Australian climate conditions .

  • **Social Impact** High Efficiency will consume less electricity. Better controlled lighting reduces light pollution. Better light quality reduces eye fatigue. Glare reduction for work place safety Installation and operational cost are substantially reduced. **Commercial impact** International market & volume reduces production cost due to the adaptability of the driver. Our unique drivers are exclusive to Sonaray Delta range. Modular drivers can be integrated to multiple products lines and upgraded as needed. No maintenance for years. Price point is very competitive. **Environmental Impact** Modular driver reduces material wastage, change what you need. Upgradeable for the future. Sustaining material usage.

  • The Delta range is designed to be as flexible and adaptable to the commercial and industrial market. Currently energy requirements are a major issue in each country, we have designed a product which can preform at an optimal level regardless of what the power supply is. Weather it's from solar, generator or from a low voltage unit, the lights can be adapted to suit. Traditionally when a light goes off, all that is required is a change of bulb, current LED lighting requires the whole light to be replaced, the new Delta range only requires the drivers to be replaced as the LED chips can last 10-20 years, a significant cost saving in maintenance as well as minimal material waste helping to sustain material usage. The Delta range are built like little tanks, as a standard they are water resistant (IP65), impact resistant (IK09), anti-corrosion treated and can work in extreme temperature, indoor and out. All simple to use, just plug and use.