Smoke Alarm Safety Switch

  • 2017

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The SASS can change how families and property are protected.

Electricity is one of the major causes of house fires, fires can be stopped before becoming self fuelling. Once the Smoke Alarm detects a potential fire the smoke alarm will communicate with the SASS and shut power off needed electrical circuit breakers.

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  • Smoke Alarms do a great job, but are limited to just emitting a sound. The above limitation has brought about the a world first invention the Smoke Alarm Safety Switch or SASS. The SASS is a switch which fits into your Switch Board (can be retrofitted or installed from new by in both cases clipping onto an existing circuit breaker) in either a residential or commercial application, this will enable the end user to switch off any electricity via their circuit breakers which they select and thus cutting the power feed at the source. The SASS can communicate via a cable connection (interconnect 9v dc) or a wireless signal. Please see : no one is home to hear the Smoke Alarm beeping @

  • The SASS can turn off the electricity supply to the common kitchen stove/hot plates and power points unit which are responsible for up to 35% of house fires (Fire and Rescue NSW). By switching off the stove, hot plates and power points at the circuit breaker you are cutting the power not only to the cooking unit (stove or hot plates) and power outlets but cutting the power to the cabling, junction box and electrical system. Please listen to the ABC radio interview with our director Shaun Garrard @ and our explainer video @

  • The deaf community has additional products to notify them off a house fire, but what if they do not see, feel or have these devices, what if they are outside the property? The SASS will protect the deaf community by preventing up to 40% of house fires by turning the electricity off at the source and is not dependant of sound. Once the selected power circuits are off, it will give the occupant a visual alert that there has been a potential fire that has been prevented and then they can inspect the situation. The SASS also has an indicator window on the front face cover to visually inform the user as to which circuit has been tripped and the condition of the unit (red ON, green OFF).

  • It has been documented that sleeping children under 10 years of age do not hear a standard smoke alarm beeping. This means if no one is in a position to awaken the children (which can occur) the consequences can be devastating. The Smoke Alarm Safety Switch will turn off the electricity cutting the source of up to 40% of house fires, electricity! The SASS will enable children to either evacuate the building, bring to the attention a non minor that a potential fire has been stopped. See: 

    Preventing up to 40% of house and commercial fires would have a large impact on the environment as house fires contribute to the burning of toxic substances (clothes, furniture , paints ect) in which contribute to air pollution and global warming. Also the waste from house and commercial fires adds more stress to the limited resources of land fill not to mention the production of new products to repair or rebuild homes, schools, offices ect. Economy also benefits by not having to repair or rebuild property which in turn costs the insurance companies millions of dollars and raises insurance cost for end users. Up to 40% of house fires are fuelled by electricity, 11,000 house fires, 50 deaths.

    The SASS will protect fire fighters by turning off the roof top solar panel electricity feed. One of the newest challenges that fire fighters are facing is the installation of solar panels in Australia (over 1 million homes have solar panels installed) if a fire is occurring in the day time (or the residence has a storage battery) the panels are feeding electricity to the switch board and into the electrical system of the house this presents a danger to the occupants and fire fighters as this is a secondary source of electricity that cannot be turned off from the street (turning the street mains off from the power pole is a standard practice by fire fighters). The SASS turns off both electricity feeds.

    A large cause of house fires is when the fire starts in the switch board (where all the major load switching takes place and most electrical connections are) which is generally positioned of the side of the residence. The potential fire can then travel up the wiring loom and into the roof space and is unnoticed by the occupants. The SASS has the feature of installing a smoke alarm in the switch board, the Smoke Alarm is then connected to the SASS via a 5 second delay trip input feature, in turn the faulty or overloaded circuits will be switched off and this will prevent a switch board fire and notify the occupants. See: See: www.tcforensic