SmartBar Vehicle Protection System (Mercedes Sprinter VS30)

  • 2019

  • Product
    Automotive and Transport

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  • Daniel Cutting
  • Kieran Jenkins

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The SmartBar Vehicle Protection System (VPS) is a front and rear bumper bar structure that offers outstanding vehicle protection without compromising pedestrian safety. Specifically designed for the Mercedes Sprinter VS30, it perfectly complements the design and aesthetic of the vehicle while maintaining all the factory features and onboard safety systems.

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  • The VPS was designed specifically with Ambulances in mind. Each year the emergency services within Australia spend a considerable amount in repairs and replacement parts to their vehicles as a result of collisions. The challenge was to design a stylish, cost-effective system that protects the vehicle from these collisions which is also compatible with the vehicle safety systems already in place; such as the Autonomous Emergency Braking system, Adaptive Cruise, Rear Cross Traffic Alert system, 360° Camera, parking sensors, stretchers and any other equipment used by ambulance services. The SmartBar VPS met and exceeded all the challenges presented.

  • The front and rear system has a hollow body construction which has been moulded using a specially blended polymer that absorbs the forces of an impact and then returns to its original shape. Where as metal alternatives transfer impact forces through the vehicle chassis, in turn damaging vital engine components. The impact absorbing characteristics of the VPS prolong the life of the product, reducing costs to the customer in replacement parts.

  • The positive social, commercial and environmental impact that the VPS has, is far reaching. The system increases vehicle and occupant safety without compromising the safety of pedestrians; and reduces the risk of damage to external environments (e.g. bollards). Already it has had a significant commercial impact for SmartBar, with the system being used in high volumes by the Emergency Services across Australia including Ambulance, Police and SES. In turn, the reduction in cost to these agencies (and the environment) in avoiding repair bills and replacement parts is beginning to be realised.

  • The SmartBar VPS is manufactured using a Linear Low-Density Polyethylene (LLDPE) Copolymer resin specifically designed for Rotational Moulding applications. We use a specifically formulated powder, that is a finely ground LLDPE that is blended with the necessary additives to suit the end-products’ application. The result is an optimum quality, consistent product that is lightweight, tough, chemical and impact resistant, and UV stable. Given these characteristics and resistance to environmental factors (e.g. salt and sun) the expected life span of the product is considerable and enables it to be used in any environment, regardless of conditions.