SlideBot Presentation Design Tool

  • 2017

  • Digital
    Web Design and Development

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SlideBot is a web-based presentation design tool that automatically creates powerful presentations in a matter of seconds. The tool does not seek to replace designers, but rather to empower the designer in everyone, improving our collective design capability.

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  • The SlideBot tool has been developed to create bespoke slide visuals that are appealing to a wide audience. The tool enables users to customise every aspect of their presentation through adjustments in the slide design interface. Users can search and replace the images, adjust the position of text manually, or let SlideBot automatically resize and position the text in line with their intent. To maximise the emotional resonance of visuals, the tool automatically considers facial features that appear in images, adjusting the position of textboxes so that they don't overlap. If insufficient clear space or contrast is found on an image, overlays are added and sized.

  • The SlideBot interface was designed to work responsively across desktop, tablet and mobile. In allowing our users to easily create, edit, present or export with output consistency, we addressed a fundamental deficiency of existing presentation platforms. For individuals, this means they can focus on their message, knowing that the design of their slides will be handled instantly (e.g. through automatic adjustment of layout and colours, image selection and text placement). For organisations, this means they can realise significant productivity gains through use of the tool. The SlideBot tool can both import from and export to editable Powerpoint, acting as a smart conduit within existing business processes.

  • The SlideBot design tool is the result of an extensive R&D project. It is driven by a first of its kind real-time design engine with more than 10,000 design rules (covering layout, colours and typography), codified from the knowledge and experience of human designers. Images utilised by SlideBot are analysed automatically to determine the most appropriate position for text to be placed (e.g. working like a human designer to analyse colours, grid positioning, facial features etc.); manipulating and resizing text; and, inserting design elements like coloured overlays if necessary. The tool is built on a cloud-based infrastructure to enable fast processing so that presentations are ready in minutes, not hours.

  • The presentations created by SlideBot are completely unique. Driven entirely by the users' content and customisations, our algorithmic design engine uses natural language processing to understand context and select appropriate images, randomised and weighted by quality. Through associative linking, the system prioritises images that are favoured by others visualising similar concepts, allowing qualitative and quantitative improvements in image selection and contextual relevancy of the design. The ease of use of the SlideBot tool has enabled customers to design more than 300,000 unique slides, addressing a market need for high quality output that engages an audience whilst accurately conveying a clear message.

    The SlideBot design tool has been used widely by speakers at some of the most prestigious conferences in the world including the World Business Forum, SXSW, the Global Women's Leadership Summit, along with numerous TEDx events. At a price point of $19 per month, it has been adopted by professionals and educators to prepare powerful visuals, particularly those in fields with a human, learning or strategic focus. Our customers have found that it has changed the way they think about the visual side of their delivery; allowing them to quickly test and iterate through design concepts at a standard expected of those speaking at high-profile events, without the need for design training.