Slam Pro

  • 2020

  • Product
    Sport and Lifestyle

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  • Vuly Play

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Vuly Play

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Vuly’s Slam Pro is a blend of design and functionality that represents an innovative approach to creating trustworthy and visually appealing outdoor play equipment. With a brief that called for durability – along with quality and safety – Slam Pro was designed to exceed all expectations in a portable backyard basketball hoop.

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  • The design challenge was to create Australia’s strongest and most durable backyard basketball hoop which can be adjusted to suit the needs of more families. Vuly has achieved this by designing the Slam Pro, a product that features unparalleled quality while encompassing Vuly’s signature flair for innovation. Vuly were challenged to create a reliable backyard basketball system that could withstand the test of time in Australian backyards. Slam Pro achieves this with it’s highly robust design and gas-powered strut which can be adjusted with ease to suit the needs of the family as it changes over time.

  • As a result of the rigorous design and testing phase, the Slam Pro delivers an innovative approach to safety and durability. The Slam Pro offers fully flexible height adjustment in a steel strut that can be raised and lowered to offer the perfect hoop height for young children, or serious players – up to the official NBA height. To further satisfy the needs of the brief, the Slam Pro also features a full steel backboard, 120mm wide steel chassis, zero support struts, and a triple-pillar strut – all features that contribute to the overall strength and longevity of the backyard basketball system.

  • Vuly’s Slam Pro has been designed with sustainability in mind. To reduce environmental impact, each component is recyclable – from the steel strut, to the plastic foundation – and individually replaceable to ensure the longevity of the product and the reduction of waste. Slam Pro’s materials are designed for durability – leading to fewer disposals. Measures have been put in place to ensure that the Slam Pro can withstand the Australian climate – the steel components are double-galvanised, electroplated and powder coated to prevent early rusting, and the foundation is manufactured from high quality UV resistant plastic.

  • 1. Steel backboard – Australia’s only full steel backboard. Built for the outdoors, with double galvanised, powder coated and electroplated to prevent rust, and perforated to prevent toppling from strong winds 2. Strong and stable ring – offering incredible feedback without having to compromise on safety and stability 3. Triple-pillar strut – gas-powered for ease of use, no weakening weld lines and 15% larger than single-pillar struts of competitors 4. Telescoping height – fully flexible height adjustment from 2.25m to 3.05m – up to the official NBA hoop height 5. One-piece steel chassis – Super stable and long-lasting 6. Zero support struts – reduces trip hazards