• 2017

  • Architectural
    Interior Design

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During the construction process, we have adopted the traditional Chinese joggling technique to connect the Skynet, so as to build a space rich in visual art effects.

The fishing net is casted on the water, the lines of the nets will be fully extended to form a space with interweaved pattern.

  • The support of green plants can maintain the ecological, planting trees are becoming an important task of our current society nowadays, stopping deforestation, using large quantities of recycled paper, are also very good environmental protection actions- because the photosynthesis of green plants can improve the atmosphere. We should remind ourselves of the environment all the time, so we chose the tree branches as our design element. The Banyan Tree branches in the air will interwoven, becoming a large "net", that is a natural ceiling. In the process of design, in order to build this ceiling, we adopted the Chinese ancient technology.