Shanliang Rice

  • 2016

  • Communication

Commissioned By:

Guoao Group

Designed In:


In 2014, Guoao Group initiated agricultural investment according to China’s urbanization strategy. The corporate aim was to brand a variety of local agricultural goods, thus to promote the regional economy. In the package design of Shanliang Rice, our creation focuses on incorporating visual elements reflecting the regional culture.

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  • In the spirit of solving 'Issues of Agriculture', Guoao Group took the lead in initiating agricultural industrial parks. The first project is known as the Capital Youth Ecological Farm. The primary product of the farm is the well-acclaimed (fish-duck-rice symbiotic system rice). Our mission was to create a package design which features regional culture throughout the visual elements.

  • We focused on broadening every single tradition and custom to interpret product idiosyncrasy, which subsequently also reflects the homeland affection and forthright trait of the Northeastern people. We established the core brand concept of “good soil, good people, and good rice”.

  • We molded the pulp into a bowl shape. The appearance and size of the bowl duplicates the large bowl commonly used in the 1980. This is not only a memory symbol of an entire generation, but also a reflection of the time when Chinese people craved for foods and clothes. Ingeniously, this large bowl of rice is also equivalent to the food intake of a family of three.

  • The package cover adopted a local doggerel known as the 'eight odds of Northeast'. We illustrated these eight odds with vivid pictures and demonstrated them subtly on the package. "The folk culture of the Northeast China: Eight Odds First, window papers stick outside. Second, girls dangling lengthy pipes. Third, pickle veggie in the vats. Fourth, ceil baby in the air. Fifth, lucky happy sticky bun, Sixth, dressing jackets inside out, Seventh, grassy houses woody fence, Eighth, dog skin hat wear on head."

    We utilizes hand-drawing technique to revitalize the unique scenes of harvest, winnow, and paper cutting, etc. which all have strongly indicate a connection with the Northeast culture. Therefore, it conveys an ideology of having ample food and clothing. The text theme of gift box is a unique but well-known Northeast dialect, “our place rice”, (the way of saying this in Northeast dialect sounds amusing to Chinese) which makes the product friendlier. The material utilized grainy paper, symbolizing nature and organic ingredients.