Seer Sense

  • 2020

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    Medical and Scientific

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Seer Medical

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Seer Sense is a revolutionary wireless brain and heart monitoring wearable that takes gold standard week long epilepsy diagnostics out of the hospital and into the home. It delivers a step change in patient comfort and freedom while empowering doctors with the data they need to make a conclusive diagnosis.

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Image: Madeline Bishop
Image: Madeline Bishop
Image: Madeline Bishop
Image: Madeline Bishop
Image: Madeline Bishop
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  • Gold standard epilepsy diagnostics is performed by continuously monitoring the patient's brain and heart for up to one week. Prior to Seer, this was conducted in a hospital setting where the patient was confined to a bed tethered to dozens of electrodes wired to a bulky bedside recording system. This was expensive, uncomfortable, and only available through major hospitals where wait lists are long and bed numbers are limited. Our challenge was transforming a dreaded week long hospital stay with no ability to shower, into a comfortable week long home-based test - untethered and free.

  • We integrated the bedside recording system into a wearable that reduced the feeling of being tethered, delivering a sense of freedom with a familiar consumer electronics feel. A composite of nylon and silicon was modelled using 3D scanning across age and gender which was essential to creating the desired resting form and flex. Sense is capable of operating for up to 10 days on a single charge and can easily be disconnected for showering using a magnetic self locating connector. Sense is reassuring, simple, comfortable and offers a step change in patient experience.

  • Approximately 1% of the world suffers from epilepsy. Hospital based testing cannot scale to meet the needs of the 50k people who would benefit from week long monitoring each year. Seer Sense reduces hospital burden by delivering a far more simple, compelling and scalable solution. It makes a complicated and uncomfortable test, far more accessible and easy - greatly lowering barriers to those who are unable to undertake the test in a hospital setting. Sense plays a critical role for Seer in enabling us to scale our diagnostic service globally with a product manufactured locally.

  • 1/ Set and Forget An ultra-low power design coupled with high capacity cells enables an unprecedented battery life of 10 days on a single charge. This reduces patient burden by simplifying the user interaction with the device. 2/ Quick Connect Our research showed that the inability to take a shower during the study was the biggest pain point for patients. We designed a high density self-locating magnetic EEG connector that makes self disconnection easy, and showering possible for the first time. 3/ Universal Fit Common neck and shoulder contours were identified using 3D scanning to inform the design of a unibody composite of silicone and nylon that has a robust and quality feel whilst providing the flexibility to accommodate all body sizes.