Sea Force Flip Up Seat

  • 2016

  • Product
    Furniture and Lighting

Designed By:

  • UES Design Team
  • Robert Quinn
  • Johan Naess
  • Daniel Rodriquez
  • Brandon Clark

Commissioned By:

Alex Morcos

Designed In:


FUS: a suspended mesh seat with a hinged seat-pan. Comprised of 3 sub-assemblies: backrest, seat-pan, and legs.

Our fabric is suspended around the frames. The spring-based seat rests vertically. The contoured backrest gives comfortable postural and lumber support.

Our legs attach quickly and cleanly to the deck with 4 internal bolts.

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  • The seat's shape creates space. The light-weight structure is airy allowing for maximum walking room between rows. The seat's svelte anatomy enables the seat-pan to nestle closely on the backrest. This much comfort has never been so slender. The transport industry also enjoys our light-weight structure with fuel economy and carbon-footprint in mind. The seat's shape is curvaceous. The legs flow off the curves of the backrest and seat-pan. The lines guide your eyes on a full navigation of the seat. There are no sharp edges. All fasteners are flush or hidden.

  • Structurally the seat is all aluminium fastened with stainless steel hardware. It can withstand heavy directional forces from all angles of 3G force. The fully powder-coated seat is resistant to corrosion and scratches. The unique knit of the stretch fabric resists tears and runs. UV treated; it is designed for both indoor and outdoor use to withstand several years in a harsh environment. The enclosed stainless-steel spring will endure this daily abuse. The engineering behind the seat was governed by one criterion: strength. Throughout the design process 3D CAD simulation verified the design developments. The repetitive weight rating on the seat is 130kg, but it can withstand single loads beyond 250kg.

  • Our contoured frame coupled with our mesh fabric creates 3D support for the user. There is generous postural comfort and lumber support while the seat-pan waterfall prevents pressure build up under the legs. All potential hot-spots are eliminated by our thin mesh membrane. An infinite choice of powder-coat colours, mesh colours, and mesh fabrics are available. Fit and feel can also be customized by changing the fabric's tension. Beyond these choices our modular seat allows for different widths and heights suiting the shorter/narrower to the taller/wider person. We offer: Low Back, Medium Back, and High Back, in widths: 450mm, 480mm and 500mm. Customers have also requested custom frame profiles.

  • Slip-covers handmade in Australia are available. These simply slide over the seat and are secured by Velcro. The choice of fabrics and colours is endless. Grab-handles can also be attached. Similarly these can be coloured to blend or stand out.

    Installation can literally happen within 4 minutes per seat. Out of the box the seats are pre-assembled requiring only the floor bolts to be tightened and the side covers secured. Slip-covers, if chosen, come pre-installed on the seats. Maintenance is easy with a fresh-water wash plus the fabric is stain-resistant. The slip-covers remove easily and are machine washable. The seat is designed to be easy and inexpensive to maintain by the operators.