Satisfyer Marvelous Four

  • 2022

Designed By:

  • Eis Inhouse Design

Commissioned By:

Eis Inhouse Design

Designed In:


The Satisfyer “Marvelous Four” combines the four most popular sex toys in a modular set and in a revolutionary way. The handle, which contains the user interface and the battery, can be combined with various attachments.

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  • The design brief was to develop products that fulfills women's desires in a comfortable, safe and hygienic way to an affordable price point. The special challenge was to integrate the innovative modular design to the well-known size and form factor of rabbit and G-Spot vibrators, Anal-, Wand- and Air-Pulse vibrators. At the same time it was important to keep the needed flexibility between clit stim element and shaft while simplifying the control of the functions for a better intuitive operation and user experience.

  • The Satisfyer “Marvelous Four” consists of five components which convinces with its chic, elegant design. The light and soft cover of the items underlines the pure design language of the Satisfyer brand. The clean design is rounded off by the attachable handle so that production costs, material and energy can be saved.

  • This products combine the different needs of the users, based on their special demand. One focus of the Satisfyer brand is to offer aesthetic lifestyle products to a wide range of customers and make them affordable. This product shows that the consistent focus on design quality in production does not have to result in high costs. Sexual wellness means at first feel comfortable: feel comfortable with yourself and feel comfortable with your products that let you feel better in any way.

  • The Satisfyer “Marvelous Four” can be turned into an Air-Pulse-Vibrator, a Rabbit+G-Spot-Vibrator, a Wand-Vibrator for full body stimulation and an Anal-Vibrator. Thanks to an intuitive bayonet nut connecter the heads can be changed in seconds, even by inexperienced users. Due to the wide range of possible uses, “Marvelous Four” is an ideal set for beginners who want to find out which type of stimulation they like best in order to rediscover their sexuality. For more experienced toy users, the modular functionality offers the advantage of only having to charge one battery and thus being able to use four high-quality toys, which is a great advantage both for pure convenience and for on the go. Easy to use, easy to clean and a design that change forward from hidden image to a lifestyle product for everyone will result in a personal sexual wellbeing.