Satisfyer Lovely Honey

  • 2020

  • Product
    Sport and Lifestyle

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  • EIS Design Team

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The Satisfyer Lovely Honey is a powerful and elegant mini vibrator. It fits perfectly into the selection of a fashionable equipped handbag. The combination of luxurious design, genuine materials and precise manufacturing is outstanding in the industry of erotic lifestyle products.

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  • The design brief was to develop a product that fulfills women's desires in a comfortable, safe and hygienic way to an affordable price point and simultaneously having a high valued product with genuine materials. Based on the user research the special challenge was to add the requested vibration, keep the needed size of the application head and simplify the control of the functions for a better intuitive operation and user experience.

  • The modern and handy slim line emphasizes the pure design language of the Satisfyer brand. The design fits safety and well in any hand and position while usage and makes the toy most flexible and comfortable. Its genuine materials suggests a modern, elegant and high valued lifestyle product which fits in a present-day environment. This combination of luxurious design, genuine materials and precise manufacturing is innovative and outstanding in the industry of erotic lifestyle products. The waterproof finishing (IPX7) allows the use in the shower or bathtub and enables simultaneously an easy way to clean.

  • This product was designed to fulfill the user needs based on the special requested function. The focus of the Satisfyer brand is to offer user- centered designed and aesthetic lifestyle products to a wide range of customers and make them affordable. This product shows that the consistent focus on design quality in production does not have to result in high costs.

  • Together with the innovative vibration Technology, the consistent focus on user centered design and production of high valuable products to a limited production price makes this product range to one of the world- wide bestselling products in the market of lifestyle erotic toys after only one and a half year. As with all the Satisfyer mini vibrators, it also pleases with an extra strong motor and flexible shaft made of solid silicone, which provides due to its 10 different vibration patterns a deep and intensive stimulation. This seamless body-friendly material makes the toy safe for use and very flexible. In addition, the ergonomic hold offers multiple handling positions. The toy is waterproof (IPX7) and can be used in the shower, therefore it is easy to clean. Its battery is rechargeable with the included magnetic USB cable.