Samsung Odyssey G9 (49″)

  • 2021

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    Consumer Electronics

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The Samsung Odyssey G9 gaming monitor is a premium desktop display, designed for high-end PC gamers and enthusiasts. It delivers a next-level gaming experience powered by Samsung’s QLED technology offering advanced gaming technology, an immersive 1000R curved screen, fast performance and a futuristic design that visually expresses Odyssey’s innovation.

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  • As gamers continually need to keep up with fast-paced action, every video frame matters. Players are looking for any advantage they can get to remain one step ahead of the competition. The design of Odyssey is crucial in securing this competitive edge, from the placement of the stand - which needs to allow freedom of movement, curvature of the screen and size - for full immersion and state of the art picture quality to ensure every element matters to ensuring a competitive edge.

  • The Odyssey G9 is a 49-inch, 1000R curved screen which matches the peripheral vision of the human eye and helps to maintain full visual immersion. Despite being a wide monitor, the designers calibrated the angle of the stand to enable users to comfortably position their keyboard and move their mouse freely. Users can also easily swivel, tilt and adjust the height to accommodate their posture and eye level. The Infinity Core lighting system, reflects the futuristic armour and weapons from sci-fi games to project a stronger image of a gaming peripheral.

  • The Samsung Odyssey G9 has helped consumers experience the increasing levels of immersive visuals of today's video and picture content. Through QLED and HDR1000 technologies, in addition to the optimal curvature of the G9's screen, consumers can now view content without the disruption that may have plagued them in the past, especially for those looking to minimise any sort of visual interference. Gamers are always interested in what the professionals are using. Because of this, the impact of the Odyssey allows gamers to enjoy the preferences of their favourite e-sports competitors in a product made also suit consumer needs.

  • The Samsung Odyssey G9 has been certified by TUV Rheinland, a leading certification organisation that recognised the monitors with the industry's best high performance 1000R curved display in addition to the Eye Comfort certificate. The G9 also includes Samsung's Infinity Core Lighting which allows users to customise the monitors lighting with 52 different colours and lighting effects, a stand out feature from competitors. Moreover, the Odyssey was the world's first Dual Quad High-Definition gaming monitor that delivers an immersive curved monitor experience. The screen provides users with dynamic and seamless visuals enabled by NVIDIA G-SYNC® Compatibility and Adaptive Sync on DP1.4.