Samsung FlexWash®

  • 2018

  • Product
    Consumer Electronics

Designed By:

  • Samsung Electronics

Commissioned By:

Samsung Electronics Australia

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Korea, Republic of

Samsung’s FlexWash® is an all-in-one washing machine with a 16kg front loader and 2.5kg top loader. Ergonomically designed for increased comfort, the FlexWash handles a range of laundry needs, from small to large loads, delicates to everyday items, washed at the same time or separately.

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  • According to Samsung’s [Australians@Home research](, Aussie households are on average spending almost six hours a week on laundry. With clothes needing to be divided into different categories (delicates separated from everyday items, lights separated from darks, etc.), multiple washes become a necessity. This causes the work to be drawn out unnecessarily. Plus, on laundry day, Australians are looking to do big loads of linen and towels. If it were possible to make the washing process more efficient and convenient, Australians would be able to spend more time focusing on the things that are important to them.

  • Samsung’s FlexWash has been designed to maximise washing convenience, enabling XL or multiple loads of washing to be done at the same time, and missed items to be added after a cycle has started. Combining a 16kg front loader and a 2.5kg top loader in one ergonomically-designed unit, FlexWash means your washing can be completed more conveniently by running light and dark or delicate and everyday loads concurrently. The addition of Samsung’s AddDoor means forgotten items don’t need additional cycles, while Smart Wi-Fi Control enables washing to be remotely controlled and monitored from virtually anywhere using a smartphone app.

  • FlexWash enables Australians to spend less time doing the washing and more time on the things that matter. With the convenience of washing XL or separate loads simultaneously, adding missed items to an already-started cycle, controlling a load remotely, and the option of running a 15-minute Quick Wash cycle for up to 2 kg of laundry - doing the washing has never been easier or more convenient. With FlexWash, Australians can now spend less time washing and more time with family, friends and focusing on the important things.

  • - XXL capacity with 16Kg Front Loader and 2.5 Kg Top Load Washer. Multiple loads, all-in-one. - Smart Wi-Fi Control - Start, monitor and change cycles from your compatible smart phone. - BubbleWash® – Designed to help generate foam by pre-mixing detergent with air and water from the beginning of the cycle. - Bubble Soak® – An optional pre-wash treatment that thoroughly soaks clothes in the bubbles before the wash starts. - Ergonomic Design - Easy view lid and access with top loader plus less back bending and reaching for controls. Achieved Grand Prix from international ergonomic design award. - Easy Installation and Setup - one machine, no screws, two water outlets, one power cord. - VRT Plus (Vibration Reduction Technology) – helps reduce noise and vibration during washes. It is designed to keep the tub balanced and as quiet as possible, even at high spin speeds, and with different load sizes. - Drum clean - Hot water combined with high-speed RPM helps to reduce detergent residue and dirt that forms on the inside surfaces of the washer drum.