Alive Smart Safety System

  • 2023

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    Commercial and Industrial

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Protecting Our People;

A*lives are small cellular/ Iridium GPS Safety devices, designed for potentially dangerous situations worldwide.

1) Emergency SOS via cellular/ Iridium, everywhere worldwide.

2) Two way Communication, via your smartphone, everywhere worldwide.

3) Real Time GPS Location, everywhere worldwide.

4) Many programmable SOS options, including Dead-Man, Vehicle Crash.

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  • To design a small safety device that; * Automatically switches from cellular networks to Iridium satellite; * Automatically detects and sends SOS in emergency situations. * Manually send SOS in emergency situations. * Enable Real-Time GPS tracking, with an easily forwarded link. * Enable two way communication via Smartphone (Bluetooth). * Enable third party sensors to activate the SOS via Bluetooth. *To enable 24/7 safety monitoring, via many different SOS settings. *Provide as many options for; dangerous situations; sporting codes and events; Fleet vehicle management; safety/ communication for travel outside cellphone reception, as possible. *To design everything with the least expensive monthly Data bill possible.

  • ProteGear A*LIVE Services provides unlimited access: 100% Global coverage; Automatic switching between any network, GSM, LTE/4G, Iridium-Sat + GPS Automatic SmartSafety with 2-way-communication; Programmable awareness with dead-man, crash detection, dynamic geofences and many more safety profiles Reduces rescue times up to 90%. Pin-Point Rescue Navigation; ± 2 meters localization by GPS, Galileo and Glonass. Real-Time GPS-Tracking; Share tracks/ activity profiles, monitor your teammates. Satellite Messenger; send/ receive email, SMS and more – anytime, anywhere. Dynamic Roaming Geofences. adjust geofence once and it automatically moves with the master-device, keeping the team alongside. A*LIVE APP for iOS, Android. A*LIVE operates completely independent from smartphones.

  • The Impact on society for the Alive safety system; 1) 'Lone Worker' ability anywhere outside cellphone range. 2) Vehicle GPS tracking, Crash Detection, No Movement, and other safety options including complete geofencing options. 3) When charged inside vehicle/ boat, it is an extremely effective, inexpensive, vehicle fleet monitoring system, with added safety of portability away from the vehicle in potentially dangerous situations. 4) Programming changes are done remotely via computer or cellphone, although occasionally more safety features become available, requiring easy updating on the Alive. 5) Alive is a complete sporting system with settings relating to sporting events.

  • 1) We have achieved RSM conformity for Australia and New Zealand. 2) For Alive information, including a brief video from Markus Schlittenbauer, CEO Protegear, Look at 3) The live GPS tracking link is for several devices in NZ, Australia, and soon Alaska/ USA much of the historical tracking is outside cellphone range. Please direct to this link: 4) This is the link to the A*live manual Please direct to this link: For Sporting events; Wherever you are, your team and friends will see your location live on a private website. They can get automatic notifications - e.g. via SMS - when you start or finish your activity. It can also be integrated on your own website, on Facebook & co or at external services such as LiveTrack24. Live-Ranking delivers rankings for competitions as a piece of cake! Provides automatic scoring e.g. for sailing, windsurfing, kiteboarding, paragliding, mountain biking etc. With replay, detailed tracking data as GPX / KML / IGC file, live buoys and route control and much more. • Real-time GPS tracking (including Glonass & Galileo) • 3D data with altitude above sea level & above ground • Vertical speed measurement • Tracking interval 1 min. (iridium 5 min.) • Event mode (1-10 sec interval) • TeamView • Share your tracks • Replay, statistics, logs