Samsung Bespoke AirDresser

  • 2022

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    Domestic Appliances

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Samsung Electronics

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Korea, Republic of

Samsung’s Bespoke AirDresser is an innovative approach to clothing care that optimises powerful air and steam to help remove up to 99% of certain germs, allergens and dust, refreshing and sanitising clothes between washes [1].

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  • With growing awareness around the spread of germs, increased concern around air quality and the harmful effects of chemicals used in the dry-cleaning process, the designers challenged themselves to develop a product that is designed to provide a safe, healthy, effective and visually appealing treatment for clothes in-between washes. The AirDresser offers a beautiful, sleek and smart way to help keep garments refreshed daily. The slim AirDresser in Charcoal provides a clean, modern aesthetic to add an extra level of sophistication. The slimmer design allows for a functional piece of technology to be easily installed in wardrobes, laundries or mudrooms.

  • The Samsung Bespoke AirDresser harnesses the power of steam to effectively help to remove certain germs and refreshes clothes. The AirDresser is slim for easy install and the ability to fit in a range of apartments, homes or offices despite space constraints. The AirDresser doesn’t need to be plumbed, offering the ability to install the AirDresser in any room that has access to power. The Charcoal colour aligns with the trend of darker appliances and modern and minimalist aesthetics. The LED control panel also creates a clean design on the door so the AirDresser can seamlessly blend into its environment.

  • Samsung Bespoke AirDresser offers a new standard in clothing care by making it easy and convenient to help remove germs and refresh clothes between washes and limiting trips to the dry cleaner. It can also reduce the risk of damage and shrinkage to delicate items or business attire with its low temperature heat pump drying, therefore helping to extend the life of these garments. The visually aesthetic Charcoal colour easily integrates into a home, the new colourway also matches Samsung’s black laundry range including washer and dryer offering an aesthetically cohesive laundry range for consumers.

  • Wrinkle Care - Saves time and effort of ironing clothing before events and occasions. Using JetAir and JetSteam, it can remove up to 100% of wrinkles from woollen clothes and up to 80% of wrinkles from rayon material [2]. Bulkier items of clothing like long dresses, coats or jackets can be refreshed so consumer’s favourite items are always ready to wear. JetSteam - Infusing high temperature heat deep into the fabric, the JetSteam system reduces up to 99.9% of bacteria and helps remove house dust mites and certain odour-causing gases to refresh linens, [3] bedding and even baby clothes and soft toys.