Samsung 9kg Heat Pump Dryer

  • 2019

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    Domestic Appliances

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Samsung Electronics

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Samsung’s Heat Pump Dryer is an appliance with seven-star energy efficiency that delivers the intelligence and flexibility for Australians to use the correct dry cycle for each load to dry effectively, conveniently and quietly.

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  • With increasing pressure to live sustainable, environmentally-friendly lives, many Australians worry about the energy use of clothes dryers and what they may do to their clothes. Samsung wanted to deliver an intelligent and energy-efficient dryer with special care cycles and a clever Q-rator app that helps choose the right cycle depending on what you’re drying. Whether Aussies are looking to dry a load quickly, a smaller load even quicker, skip the washing altogether while still keeping clothes smelling fresh, or manage their clothes remotely using their smartphone, Samsung was determined to meet these needs, all while keeping noise low.

  • Samsung’s Heat Pump Dryer delivers innovation and efficiency in a stylish design. The dryer offers a 7-star energy efficiency rating while ensuring quality drying results. Its Q-rator Laundry Planner lets Aussies choose the optimal cycle and troubleshoot from their smartphone, and OptimalDry’s three sensors monitor humidity and adjust drying time. The SuperSpeed dry cycle dries loads of up to 3kg in just 81 minutes, while the Quick Dry cycle gets a small load of clothing dry and ready to wear in just 35 minutes. Plus, AirWash deodorises and refreshes clothes without using water, detergent or other chemicals.

  • The Samsung Heat Pump Dryer’s 7-star energy rating helps Aussies dry their clothes with peace of mind, while taking the guesswork out of drying with the Q-rator Laundry Assistant app. The SuperSpeed and QuickDry cycles power through quickly and the special care cycles help take great care of your clothes. Aussies can check for recommendations on the optimal cycle for each load, enabling them to take better care of their clothes, monitor loads remotely, receive alerts when finished, and troubleshoot all from a compatible smartphone.

  • With Samsung’s Two-in-One Filter, it is easy for Australians to both maintain their dryer and optimise drying performance and safety. With an innovative two-layered mesh filter, there’s no need for a heat exchanger filter, making it easy to maintain. Plus, two alarms also provide a reminder when the filter and heat exchanger need cleaning. Samsung undertakes extensive research in Australia to understand the needs of Australians. Where trends are referenced, Samsung has pulled data from its Australians@HOME 2.0 research report and/or the Euromonitor International Megatrends 2018 report.