Ryobi 36v HP BRUSHLESS 46cm Mower

  • 2022

  • Product
    Hardware and Building

Designed By:

Commissioned By:

Techtronic Design Asia

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Hong Kong

The Ryobi 36v HP BRUSHLESS 46cm Mower is designed to intelligently and effectively maintain your lawn. It provides the mowing performance you need to take on medium to large lawns with the high-performance 36V Brushless motor delivers more power and longer runtime than brushed alternatives.

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  • The core principals of the RYOBI 36V Brushless 46cm Lawnmower were designed around people using this mower comfortably for extended periods of time. Comfort in lawn care can be the difference between an enjoyable hobby and a strenuous chore. The handle ergonomics, focus on ease of maneuverability and adjustability were key areas we improved on this product creating an all-round premium user experience. The SMART BOOST™ technology utilizes both batteries to give the mower more power when it’s needed, but eases off to extend your battery run time when high performance isn’t required.

  • This SELF-PROPELLED mower is controlled by an ergonomic thumb paddle, with user controlled speed settings so you can set it to your desired walking pace. Different parts of your lawn need to be cared for in different ways, the 10-point height adjustment is controlled by an ergonomic handle to quickly and easily change the cutting height on the fly, depending on what your lawn needs. The LED Dashboard lets you choose between 3 cutting modes: ECO, SMART and POWER and the LED Fuel Gauge shows how much run time you have left in your batteries.

  • The upwards facing handle controls and positive grip as well as the illuminating LED dashboard giving the user feedback on mower cutting mode, performance and battery life. This is the ideal alternative to a petrol mower, which delivers a petrol-like performance in a more sustainable, environmentally friendly, and hassle-free package. The SMART BOOST system means the mower draws on the extra power from the second battery to tackle the longer, thicker grass. You get extended runtimes from using both batteries, however it will run on just one battery and still give you a great-looking lawn.

  • •HP™ Brushless Motor - High Performance brushless motor delivers more power, longer run time, extended motor life. •EASY CATCH™ Bag Design - The EASY CATCH™ bag design allows users to reach straight through the handles to empty the catcher or change over to the mulch plug. •46CM (18”) Cutting Width - The 46cm wide cutting path helps to reduce the amount of time you spend mowing. •Innovative Height Adjustment - The integrated one-touch height adjustment on the carry handle to select 10 height settings between 25-100mm •Vertical Storage - When you’re done mowing, this mower can stand up for vertical storage and has a catcher holder to save space in your garage or shed.