RYOBI 18v HP Brushless ONE+ Garden Vacuum and Sweeper

  • 2022

  • Product
    Hardware and Building

Commissioned By:

Techtronic Design Asia

Designed In:

Hong Kong

The RYOBI 18v HP Brushless ONE+ Garden Vacuum and Sweeper is designed to make light work of your garden maintenance removing leaves and grass clippings. Use it as a garden vacuum, leaf blower or garden mulcher to clean up driveways, paths, decks and other outdoor spaces.

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  • Quick-Clearing - Our unique solution for this design was to overcome the problem of a blocked vacuum tube. During use all blower/vacs can get clogged. Wet leaved prevent the unit from sucking up new leaves, limiting air flow and performance. This innovation is the first blower/vac in the market with safe debris clearing. 3-in-1 Design – Ryobi’s unique 3-in-1 Blower, Vacuum and Mulcher system has innovated the traditional ‘convertible’ style blower with built-in quick-change mode lever, allowing users to switch between operating the unit in the blower or vacuum/mulching modes

  • With a flared nozzle and tapered tube, you’ll find it easy to suck up large leaves and other garden materials. Identify and remove any blockages with a transparent upper tube and detachable rear motor housing. The under-over design allows you to easily change between blower and vacuum modes while the digital speed control allows you to fine-tune the amount of power you need. This provides a comfortable and ergonomic experience during extended periods of use.

  • Before this product, users would need to rake leaves into piles, bend over and pick them up with gloves to place into a bin or rubbish bag. This product sucks up leaves/debris quickly and mulches down with a 10:1 ratio for reusing on your garden beds. This mulch promotes plant growth and adds to nurturing your garden.

  • 10:1 Mulching ratio – Spend less time emptying the bag with metal blades providing an impressive 10:1 mulching ratio. Brushless power - This tool harnesses a powerful brushless motor with a 20% increase in air speed and 40% more suction power. This provides more power and longer runtime than competitor products. Transparent Tube – The transparent tube allows you to see leaves being sucked by the mulching impeller and lets you spot blockages and maintain product performance. Support wheels – Free rolling wheels allow the user to operate the unit without strain on their body, by rolling this unit on the ground at the optimum operation angle. Digital interface - Select from 3 speed settings for blowing and vacuuming using the LED panel. The tool’s mulcher uses metal blades to quickly turn garden debris into mulch that can be reused for your garden. The digital UI allows for maximum speed and power control paired with a positive, soft textured grip.