Ryobi 18v Brushless Planting and Digging tool

  • 2019

  • Product
    Hardware and Building

Designed By:

  • Adis Sabic
  • Carter Wong
  • Frankie Lam
  • Alex Wong
  • Steven Lau

Commissioned By:

Techtronic Design

Designed In:

Hong Kong

Experience a powerful yet simple solution to gardening with the Ryobi One+ Brushless Planting and Digging Tool. The Ryobi One+ Brushless Planting and Digging Tool is suited for a range of gardening tasks including planting trees/shrubs/flowers, cultivating/preparing soil and DIY fencing/landscaping.

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  • Safety & Ergonomics were of the upmost importance when creating this tool. Our aim was to achieve a lightweight and easy to use product with SUPERIOR GRIP and supporting ANTI- KICKBACK functionality. This tools developmental challenges were in the technology and ergonomics, as this is the first 18v Planting and Digging Tool in the RYOBI arsenal. We overcame these hurdles by conducting research of competitors and collating information from RYOBI users parallel to performing design usability studies to solidify the new ergonomic format for this tool. Through this process we have created a new, unique and safe user experience.

  • SUPERIOR GRIP: The ERGOTECH handle grip provides improved comfort with a positive grip ANTI- KICKBACK: Once switched on ANTI- KICKBACK electronic protection automatically activates when the auger hits rocks & roots. BRUSHLESS TECHNOLOGY: Experience the POWER & PERFORMANCE of the BRUSHLESS ONE + motor, you can expect greater power and longer run time than brushed alternatives. TOOL- FREE: Tool- less assembly to quickly and easily interchange auger bits for all of your gardening needs. EFFICIENT DIGGING: The double sleeve continuous earth bit has a more efficient cone shape head to help better drive into the soil.

  • The RYOBI ONE+ Brushless Planting and Digging Tool is designed for a range of users, targeting the elderly as the primary focus for gardening activities. Bodily strain from arduous gardening tasks can make a loved hobby into a strenuous chore. To satisfy this user group we intended to prevent strain from continuous bending by adding the interface upwards facing towards the user. We also made this tool a comfortable for all height ranges and designed most ergonomically satisfying handle set. This intuitive and safe design is the first of its kind and a positive addition to the RYOBI ONE+ arsenal.

  • We designed most ergonomically satisfying handle and incorporated a superior Ergonomic anti-slip GRIP ZONE which ensure the users comfort during extended operation. The Brushless Planting and Digging Tool is part of the RYOBI ONE + system with over 100 tools in the range.