Rhino Rack – Universal Utility Holder / Stow-It

  • 2021

  • Product
    Sport and Lifestyle

Designed By:

  • Rhino-Rack Australia PTY TLD
  • Chandru Gangappa
  • William Davis
  • Nicholas Clarke

Commissioned By:

Rhino-Rack Australia PTY LTD

Designed In:


The Stow-It is designed in Australia to provide the most secure load carrying solution for shovels, spades, paddles, axes, fishing-rods and more. The easy to use, heavy duty ratchet allows for rapid deployment, easy stowing and security locking of equipment. This product is compatible with Rhino-Rack’s popular roof-rack systems and most competitor products.

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  • The spade is a ubiquitous and necessary tool for any overlander or 4x4 enthusiast. Its use is varied and frequent from vehicle recovery, fire preparation and digging a humble toilet hole. The grubby shovel is destined for the roof, but accessing it should be fast and easy. Similar requirements are needed for other tools for the outdoor enthusiast. As such, a flexible and accommodating interface opens opportunity to more uses. Rhino-Rack knows the Australian outback can be rough, and any product destined for that environment needs to stand up to the abuse.

  • The Stow-It uses a ratchetted jaw to compress and secure items. To release the arm and grab your gear, it's done in a pinch! The spring-loaded arm allows for one handed operation for instant and easy access. The ratchet system and rubber pads provide flexibility to firmly hold items varying profiles from 10 to 50mm, boasting a gratuitous payload of 8kg. The robust and lightweight Aluminium construction is designed for the harshest Australian conditions.

  • When you need a shovel when overlanding, you usually need it NOW. The Stow-It makes any shovel instantly available while confidently secure from the outside of your vehicle. When time is critical in a vehicle recovery scenario, reducing stress and improving access to recovery gear and is likely to reduce errors. Digging a hole when you need the loo can also be a time sensitive situation - increasing the likelihood of digging a hole lessens the effect on the environment through safe and discrete management of waste.

  • - One Handed Operation - Designed and Tested in Australia - Tested use for 5000+ open and close cycles which equates to 1000+ days of camping. - Secure ratchet to accept product from 10-50mm - Competition leading load capacity of 8kg - Lightweight design to improve roof rack carrying capacity - Aluminium construction for heavy duty, off-road use. - Anti-theft key lock - Two mounting faces for variable mounting methods - Rubberized inserts to be flexible to different tool profiles - Easy to replace lock barrel - Compatible with mounting brackets to adjust orientation