Royal Flying Doctor Service – Dubbo Experience Centre

  • 2022

Designed By:

  • Deepend

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Royal Flying Doctor Service

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Located in regional NSW, the RFDS Visitor Experience is an impressive multi-media attraction that highlights the organisation’s rich history and valuable work. With tourism playing an increasingly vital role in funding RFDS, it was important the digital experience not only promoted the attraction but also maximised donations revenue.

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  • First and foremost, with a diverse audience of patients, tourists, doctors, and donors, the solution needed to address the informational requirements of each audience. As a federated organisation, we were also tasked with creating a bespoke, fully customisable donations platform that could be utilised seamlessly by all states and territories. Each different geography of RFDS had very specific donation requirements. As a result, the legacy solutions had been developed ad hoc and inefficiently, delivering sub-par donations across the organisation as a whole. The design challenge required national stakeholder collaboration whilst delivering a single best-in-class application for the Experience Centre.

  • The RFDS visitor experience uses powerful content to tell the 80-year story of its mission. To compliment this, we developed an aesthetically stunning, quick-loading framework to immerse website visitors into. The platform allows RFDS to generate custom donation components to suit their specific campaign requirements. The components are highly customisable, and can seamlessly be placed in a variety of online environments. Customisation extends from the ability to target specific audiences based on previous onsite activity, to the ability to change inline messaging during the donations process. This flexibility allows for a greater level of emotional connection to each campaign.

  • In the 6 months since launch, the platform has generated a 60% uplift in donations to the organisation from an existing and very respectable base. The complexity of the problem is only out-matched by the simplicity of the solution from an administration and management perspective. Furthermore, operational efficiencies have increased significantly, with all donation infrastructure housed, managed, and reported on in a central location. Analytics and insights around donor behaviour have improved exponentially, allowing RFDS to better understand donor behaviour and better optimise their campaigns over time.

  • The solution was engineered on the Umbraco CMS platform, a highly intuitive and easy-to-use administration platform. Centralising and simplifying their approach to donations has delivered enormous operational efficiencies to RFDS, from the time it takes to create and deploy a donations campaign, to centralising of the data captured, to standardising the analytics and reporting for both internal and auditing purposes. The donations platform allows administrators to completely customise each step required to donate, from outlining specific donation amounts, to the frequency of the donation (One-off to Recurring). This allows RFDS to create a highly personalised donations process, which in turn drives higher engagement and conversion. As the communications for donations are centralised, recurring donations are made easier, as forms can be pre-populated, removing huge pre-existing barriers to repeated donation and loyalty. Clicks are reduced and it is far easier for users to donate repeatedly. With data centralised, internal intelligence has increased exponentially, allowing RFDS to better understand donor behaviour and improve their campaign performance over time. Each campaign uses a unique tracking code, allowing highly granular analysis of performance on a campaign-by-campaign basis.