• 2022

  • Product
    Commercial and Industrial

Commissioned By:

Mike Huang

Steven Sieckowski

Designed In:

United States of America

The RFD40 is the next generation handheld sled that features future-proof capability that lets our customer add the unparalleled data collection capability to their mobile computing strategy of today and tomorrow. From warehouses to indoor customer-facing and carpeted environments, the RFD40 helps our customer achieve maximum visibility into enterprise assets.

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  • The RFD40 is designed to outperform the competition with data collection capability, flexible connectivity options and future-proof compatibility. Most importantly, equipped with these versatile functions but still keep the durable drop specs, optimal battery performance and superior ergonomic design also highly expected for Zebra's next generation sled solution by our customers.

  • The RFD40 features Versatility in Function and Simplicity in Design. With an industry-best 1300+ tag reads per second, optimized read range and a customizable tri-function trigger that lets associates quickly access often-used features, workers can real-time tackle cycle counting and inventory via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections with this RFID powerhouse. The adaptive solution enables RFD40 to support Zebra’s current, future, and 3rd party mobile computers with an integrated look. Equipped with these versatile functions, the RFD40 keeps the ergonomic design with optimized weight distribution and a sleek look and feel that complements our retail customers modern environments.

  • Grow market share by offering a solution that is future proof. Customers can upgrade their mobile computers and know that they will still be compatible with the RFD40. The RFD40 will help our customer to be more transparent, accuracy and efficient in their inventory management, which also means to reduce the waste of natural resources. By offering superior durability and future-proof capability, the RFD40 itself also helps to reduce the impact of our environment.

  • Charging solutions for RFD40 Sleds provide users a flexible way to power up the sled and mobile computer in a variety of ways. Featuring two sets of charging pins, each cradle cup can charge an RFD40 Sled by itself, the mobile computer by itself, or a combination of RFD40 Sled and mobile computer when attached together. When you’re ready to upgrade, Zebra’s game-changing cradles were developed so mobile computers can be swapped out with ease. Using just a coin screw, you can make changes without tools or the hassle of plugging or unplugging any wire harnesses, simplifying the experience for all users. A USB-C port on the bottom of the RFD40 Sled, as well as a pinned connector, allows for connecting an RFD40 Sled to a Windows-based PC or other host via a USB-C cable or cable cup, which enables an RFD40 Sled to be used as a tethered RFID reader.