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REDARC Electronics

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RedVision acts as a central hub that connects devices and displays vital information for a RV and all its on-board accessories, setting an unprecedented level of automation in the recreational vehicle industry. RedVision controls lights, inverters, water pumps and other loads and displays water levels, energy consumption and power storage.

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  • The design brief for RedVision focused on a two tiered approach of simplifying recreational vehicle power and control for the consumer and for the installer. We wanted the consumer experience to be simple and useful. The ability to control all powered and power related devices through a single platform that is intuitive to operate and easy to access. The installer experience needed to reduce installation complexity, be easily scaled and customised to each installers requirements whilst of course meeting REDARC's stringent quality and reliability requirements, making the product suitable for Australia's harsh off-road conditions.

  • RedVision provides the consumer with a simple to use display which is mounted in the caravan or camper. The display informs the consumer of the status of vehicles electronic systems and allows control of connected devices. This is then coupled with a visually similar iPhone and Android application allowing full wireless functionality of the display at the users convenience. RedVision provides the installer with a single platform to control power distribution and circuit protection which is designed for simplicity of wiring and a reduced installation time. Both the display and the main unit are ruggedised for Australian conditions.

  • The fundamental purpose of RedVision is to simplify control and monitoring of a recreational vehicles electrical systems, allowing the consumer to spend more time focusing on their holiday and less time worrying about their vehicle. RedVision integrates seamlessly with a number of other REDARC products, providing a platform for increased sales and a method of penetration existing markets further and exploring new markets. The platform also reduces installation complexity for our installers, reducing install time and increasing profit margins. Less wires, more efficient use of power and integration with clean energy sources make the RedVision an environmentally friendly option.

  • **Features** - Combines power protection, distribution and control - Accepts inputs from a range of REDARC components and monitors battery usage and charging information - Accepts inputs for monitoring water levels & temperatures. - Capable of switching devices on or off such as lights, TV, electric steps etc. - Bluetooth connectivity on most current model phones - REDARC have filed 2x Design Registrations, 1x Provisional Patent and 2x Innovation Patents for various aspects of this design **For the installer** REDARC has worked extensively to create a product that not only looks good but is user friendly bringing all customer needs to one in-vehicle screen or app. The system is easily customised to suit an installers style and setup using the OEM configuration app. More importantly, RedVision simplifies installation thanks to its simple connections. Saving time, weight, money and materials. **For the consumer** - Monitor battery levels, turn loads or lights on or off from the in-vehicle screen or handy phone application. Can be programmed to: - Hit one button and turn everything off and just leave the fridge running. - Or when vehicle ignition is turned on everything turns off but the steps can still be retracted. - Program different functions as the customer sees fit. - A new level of automation