Redefining the ageing Experience

  • 2015

  • Design Strategy

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RSL Care

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RSL Care is fundamentally reinventing the experience of ageing. We’ve designed new value propositions that engage with people earlier in life to provide advice, motivation and connection to proactive health and wellbeing solutions. We’ve prototyped and commenced development of a new business model to underpin delivery of a new healthy ageing experience. Our design goal; to guide people to solutions that extend their years of healthy and purposeful living. The result is a model that will disrupt our organisation and the industry. We will continue to learn, test and create with our customers; the design journey has just begun.

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  • We began with the customer. Older Australians told us that today's experience of aging and aged care isn't good enough. Our customers are looking for services that ignite their passion and put them in the driver's seat. We are rising to the challenge. Through a rigorous process of customer immersion and co-design we have defined new growth options that contribute to a doubling of the organisation's projected revenue over a five year horizon. We have launched prototypes under a new brand, 'Bravo' which speaks to a new segment of the market about being well and being ready to 'go get tomorrow'.

  • The shape of the industry is changing. An ageing population, rising health costs and an economic imperative for higher levels of workforce participation and productivity make for an industry ripe for innovation. Ten-year financial modelling indicating our traditional business model was unsustainable. We made a strategic choice to disrupt before being disrupted.

  • To challenge the assumptions and stereotypes of ageing, we first challenged ourselves. We disrupted from within. We embarked on a cultural transformation program to challenge our 'why', 'how' and 'what'. Our Inspiration and Ideals drive a new sort of conversation at RSL Care; one that embraces innovation, challenges the status quo and empowers staff to chart their own course. Customer centricity is now the prism through which we consider each strategic decision. It has become part of our organisational DNA.

  • For the past 2 years, we've invested in deep behavioural research to understand what drives people to age positively. We've spoken to over 2,000 older Australians along the Eastern Seaboard to investigate their needs. Using journey mapping, narratives, and ideation techniques, we have co-designed services that engage with people earlier in life and keep them living healthily and purposefully for longer. We have researched best-in-class models of ageing abroad, and closer to home. We have built a network that brings together like-minded organisations to increase our scale, relevance and impact.

    Customers told us they want advice on ageing well but don't know where to begin. At the heart of our new growth options is a value proposition that guides people through advice, motivation and connection. The customer impact is positive behavioural change that reduces the risk of chronic disease and extends healthy and working life expectancy.

    Today we engage people in times of need with a reactive model. We provide traditional Government-subsidised home care services, long-term residential care and retirement living. We own and operate all of our services. Tomorrow we'll engage earlier in life providing trusted advice, motivation and connection. We'll offer a range of health and wellbeing programs that extend healthy life expectancy, and new forms of living for the second half of life, with a focus on restorative environments connected to local communities. We'll leverage our ageing expertise to manage services that give us access to new geographies and customers. We will continue to challenge tired old assumptions of ageing.