No End of Life Pots

  • 2022

  • Design Strategy

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  • HomeLeisure Pty Ltd

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HomeLeisure Pty Ltd

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Waste that was previously a landfill & Pollution problem now has a new life! A new range of garden planters made of 100% post-consumer recycled (PCR) polypropylene is being made in Melbourne and sold through Bunnings Warehouse & Aldi.

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  • The challenge was to stop continuing to add to our landfill (given every single plastic product ever produced is still on our planet), whilst creating a tailored solution to blend coloured materials made from our everyday waste into manufacturing solutions. Thus producing product that would is fully sustainable, aesthetically pleasing, practical and financially marketable, giving Farmers & Australian kerbside waste a new life. In Fact, No End Of Life®

  • For many years manufacturers of raw materials needed to perfect a technology that could be adapted from plastics that never break down in the environment. We have come to the point where today, our products are manufactured from all recycled materials. Recent technological developments mean that we now use post consumer kerbside waste and farmers waste to manufacture retail products that can be also recycled. No End Of Life® Now even more of the waste that we as a society create as part of our daily lives, is being transformed into raw materials to produce our sustainable products.

  • Ultimately by using 100% post-consumer recycled (PCR) polypropylene waste we have substantially reduced our manufacturing environmental footprint, and have found a solution to creating desirable plastic based garden products without further harming our precious planet. We are proud of our "No End of Life" products and doing our bit to help reach Australia's goal of an 80 per cent reduction in plastic waste entering the Australian environment by 2030.

  • The Key design feature of using recycled Farmers & Kerbside waste is the No End Of Life® & that all of our plastics products over time can be manufactured sustainably without the common use of virgin polymer, additives or colouring agents, Home Leisure has been able to produce aesthetically desirable pots and planters that consumers readily want for their indoor and outdoor planting knowing they are recycled at origin and are recyclable.