Red Rock Deli Sweet Potato Crisps

  • 2016

  • Communication

Commissioned By:

Pepsico Australia

Designed In:


We partnered with Red Rock Deli to create a packaging design for their new range of ultra premium Sweet Potato Crisps. This new range presented an opportunity to deliver an innovative product to the category and continue the brand’s journey of taste discovery.

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  • Research showed that consumers were interested in a sweet potato chip offering but current products on the market were disappointing and failed to deliver on taste or quality. The Red Rock Deli range uses the finest real ingredients, which have been selected to complement the natural taste of the sweet potato. The result is a unique range of flavours that is disruptive to the category and inherently Red Rock Deli. Given that RRD is renowned for its unique taste and sensory experience, we focused on this to lead our design process.

  • We opted for a sophisticated design that would convey the premium, deli inspired nature of the product as well as highlight the use of natural ingredients. This was achieved through use of a simple black chalkboard background and stylised food photography. Using Red Rock Deli's tagline 'distinctly different' as additional inspiration, we created a central variant panel to make a strong visual statement, reinforcing the real ingredients used in each product. Bold variant colours and distressed typography combine to bring the deli inspired piece to life. The matte black finish, which underpinned the designs quality credentials, ensured the packaging reflected the products extreme quality and premium attributes.

  • In delivering a sophisticated, adult inspired pack design, we took the superior snacking experience to the next level; pushing the Red Rock Deli brand into the ultra premium space and reinforcing the brand's position as the leading premium chip in the Australian market.