Grubbo: Australia’s First Sustainable Pet Food

  • 2022

  • Communication
    Branding and Identity

Designed By:

  • Design for Good by Edison
  • Executive Creative Director: Amber Bonney
  • Creative Director: Andrew Ashton
  • Designer: Vivian Hu
  • Production: Mathew O'Connor

Commissioned By:

Grubbo Pet Food

Grubbo Founder, Clare Flintoff

Designed In:


Grubbo is a new Melbourne-based start-up and Australia’s first sustainable pet food brand! A homegrown innovation – this insect-based protein pet food meets the needs of urgent climate action for people who care about what they feed their dogs and the impact this has on our planet.

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  • Dog owners have an unbridled love for their pooches and that mutual relationship of silliness and passion brings joy and emotional health benefits that far outweigh the cost of the pet. There is a significant gap in the Australian market for urban pet owners who are blessed with disposable income and the ability to invest in brands that are aligned with their values. This visual identity system was designed to capture the reciprocal joy, silliness, and love between pooches and their grown ups! A handcrafted aesthetic speaks to an audience looking for a solution that isn't over manufacturing and complicated.

  • Being the first of its kind in Australia, the solution needed to convey Grubbo’s unique proposition and high impact resonating design that pet owners would want to share with their community. Celebrating the pet’s point of view, the primary colour palette of blue, black and white is based on a dog’s spectral range. A graphic and playful world of organic ingredients, grub protein and cheeky pets who have a say. Single colour print and graphic images make for impactful product packaging while in the digital world, pops of colour contrast the graphic approach allowing the brand to flourish in sustainability.

  • This brand was championing the dog, their world of joy and the reward of taking care of their best fur buddy. Every aspect of this product accounts for a low carbon approach. Built in are outcomes designed to delight, reuse and recycle. Single colour print, graphic images, colour blocked fixing all make impactful yet sustainable product packaging. This is a simple brand that seeks to minimise impact at every stage of the brand's lifecycle. Simple functionality of communication, tone of voice and humour is used to get the "eco" message across without hyperbole and loftiness something associated with sustainable branding.

  • The project was taken on via ‘Design for Good’, Edison Agency’s community program aiming to achieve a balance between profit, people and planet.