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  • 2016

  • Digital
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Quint app allows users to personalise a contemporary urban designer range of invites including an RSVP tracker to ensure your event guest-list is taken care of. Custom design your own artwork, cards, quotes, prints & tram scrolls to send digitally or direct to the printers to print on card or canvas.

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  • Q1. Yes, it is meant to appeal to the target audience who likes modern, edgy contemporary designs, still appealing to those who just need the function of the app. Q2. It is visually stimulating with graphic that are edgy/contemporary and have an emotional connection with the creations they create, whether they be an invitation to their wedding or kids party, a personalised canvas of all their travel destinations, and get well message to a friend, everything is personalised by them, hence evoking an emotional connection. Q3. Yes it's very straight forward and easy to use. The user is guided by hitting >next step and is prompted by a big header saying Step 1, Step 2, Step 3. Giving them prompts and alerts.

  • Q1. Yes it was designed to enable user to create their own creations from the templates I have designed and the photography I took. Q2. I have had great feedback from users saying they love using it and it was a time saver and they could create something themselves that looks stylish and that they were proud to share and distribute. Q3. Yes, as it allows the user to be the designer, which they probably wouldn't haven't be able to create the end result themselves even if they had all the design tools at hand. Having the RSVP tracker built into the app also makes their lives less painful with knowing in one spot who is coming and if they have any notes also.

  • Q1. II haven't seen any interface designs looking like quint and the concept having digital and print invites/prints/canvases all produce within the app and no need to do anything online before. The ability to order it all from the app and have it delivered to their door worldwide is very unique with a design app like this. Q2. Yes it's using an iphone app to design, manage and print/deliver personalised invitations and prints in one place. Traditionally you would need a designer, then send out to the printers to print who would then courier for delivery, many different suppliers and hassles/hurdles to overcome. Payment also in done within the app Q3. Ability to create/design/pay/print/deliver worldwide is.

  • Q1. Yes, I did all the interface design photoshop files of each screen myself (a designer with 20yrs plus exp), the coding was done by a team managed by a project manager here in Sydney. Q2. Yes it has little written content. The terms and conditions were also written by a lawyer, so everything is of a high standard and professional. Q3. I have purposely made sure that all content except T&C's were short and concise. There are a few menu to also make it easy to find and navigate through the app.

    Q1. In all honesty probably not. The app is a high end designer serviced app, however, the market shows that it will not pay top dollar for apps, hence the price point of $2.99 is affordable to all and I'm hoping for volume. Q2. Absolutely. It has put quint at a high end of the design charts. It has gone from just an online store where I personally would take orders and fulfil them and send the artwork to printers and they would be shipped to the client. Now it's taken it to the next level of a high end business. Q3. That's my aim as my vision is to awaken and empower the world's creativity and my mission is to be the leading design app worldwide. Hence, this would result in ROI if it is achieved.