QuickFix™ door furniture, by Schlage

  • 2019

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    Hardware and Building

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New Zealand

QuickFix™ technology, by Schlage, revolutionises the fixing mechanism for more simplified and faster door hardware installation. QuickFix™ technology is available on a selected range of Schlage door furniture including the Medio and Form Series.

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  • Traditional door hardware is often difficult and time consuming to install. The design brief for the QuickFix™ system called for the development of an innovative new fixing mechanism for simpler and faster installation of door hardware. Additionally, the QuickFix™ system needed to minimise the number of components and eliminate any unsightly visible fixings common with other products in the category. Alongside the QuickFix™ system, Scott Fitzsimons Studio was tasked with developing a range of new levers that would appeal to a wide range of customers, maximising the impact of the QuickFix™ mechanism throughout the market.

  • QuickFix™ has been cleverly engineered to simplify the installation of door hardware. We have reduced the number of parts on the door furniture for less assembly, as well as simplified the mechanism for installation. 1 Position the door furniture on either side of the door 2 Rotate the bezel to lock the furniture into place 3 Tighten the screws 4 Fit the rose cover You're done! Fitting door hardware has never been more simple - installation in under 30 seconds. Along with a smart mechanism, Scott Fitzsimons Studio have developed an impressive sleek and sophisticated range of levers for maximum impact.

  • With less spare parts than competitor products, the patent pending QuickFix™ system is simpler and faster to install than any other product on the market, meaning significantly reduced labour costs. The QuickFix™ technology is available in selected Schlage hardware ranges. The Schlage Form Series is manufactured from investment cast solid Stainless Steel, the Schlage Medio Series is manufactured from high pressure die-cast Zinc. Both can be completely disassembled and recycled at the end of life. The levers are designed to engage with the user, elevating your first interaction with the architecture as you reach for the door.

  • The QuickFix™ system enables installers to fit door hardware in under 30 seconds (after installation of the latch and strike) All levers were designed to be non-handed, meaning the door lever can be positioned left or right side. Thorough testing has been completed to AS4145.2 - 2018 standard, rated at D8 (exceeds 500,000 cycles), with a 10 year mechanical warranty provided. In listening to our customers' needs and environmental changes, the packaging was designed to be 100% recyclable.