KUFU Drawer System

  • 2023

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    Automotive and Transport

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KUFU Culture

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The KUFU Drawer System is a versatile, modular vehicle storage solution with Catch-and-Click™ technology, designed for recreation, trades, defence, medical, and fleet industries. Universal mounting platform design is compatible with major vehicles (SUV, tray tops + troop carriers), vessels, and aircraft, this all-weather system offers exceptional strength, usability, and adaptability for a seamless user experience.

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  • The challenge was to create a versatile vehicle storage solution addressing modularity, adaptability, security and weather resistance limitations in traditional systems. Ensuring user-friendliness, safety, and efficient organisation across sectors, the KUFU Drawer System needed to consider swift installation, robust design, compliance with safety regulations, integrated lighting, utilitarian aesthetics, and a premium feel. Additionally, the system required a simple assembly process, durable materials, and easy-to-assemble panels, while meeting Australian ADR requirements.

  • The KUFU Drawer System presents innovative solutions, addressing the design brief and catering to diverse applications and user requirements. Offering size flexibility, a robust triple-slide design, and low-profile incremental latching mechanisms, it showcases market-leading storage volume optimization - a testament to quality design and engineering. Overcoming material and manufacturing challenges, the system combines compression molding and a robust composite construction through a meticulously engineered tooling regime by the D+I team. Boasting all-weather sealing, versatile LED lighting, anti-slip surfaces, and a 1-tonne load rating, it effectively resolves initial challenges and satisfies users' needs.

  • The KUFU Drawer System's innovative design offers significant commercial, environmental, and societal benefits. By catering to diverse industries, it has the potential to increase market share, sales, and customer loyalty, while the modular and robust design promotes resource efficiency. The sealed construction safeguards against wear and failure, extending the systems lifespan and that of the customers cargo + equipment. The system's adaptability enhances user experience and organisation, contributing to improved safety and efficiency across sectors like defence, medical + fleet management. The KUFU Drawer System sets a new standard for storage solutions. The design process has led to the development of protectable IP for the brand, laying a foundation for future product line developments.

  • Catch-and-Click™: A unique, tool-free catch rear bracket system for fast installation and removal, ensuring adaptability for various vehicle types and user needs. Modular: Stackable + Interchangeable, unlike any other drawer system, Catch-and-Click™ allows for multiple configurations. Drawer Sizes: Offering six lengths + three heights, the system accommodates the diverse storage requirements of various trailers, boats, caravans, aircraft, on-road + off-road vehicles. Secure, All-weather IP Sealed + UV Stable: Designed with premium locking mechanism with tactile feedback, gaskets, seals + venting to ensure security, durability and resilience in harsh conditions (withstanding dust, moisture and UV exposure). LED Lighting: Automatic internal and external LED lighting with integrated battery system enhances visibility and usability. Internal lights activate upon drawer opening, while external task lights provide ample illumination for various scenarios. Ratings: 1-tonne load rating across twin drawers and a 150kg load rating per drawer, the system accommodates heavy equipment and tools, ensuring user confidence and versatility. Compliance with ADR42/05 and ADR69/00 ensures safety and reliability. Tie Down Rails: Built-in retaining tracks with sliding eye bolts enable secure cargo transportation. Patent Pending & Design Registrations: Multiple patents and design registrations showcase innovation and ingenuity. Australian Designed & Assembled: Local design and assembly ensure quality control and safety standard adherence.