Q Motion UB1 Mounting System

  • 2016

  • Product
    Commercial and Industrial

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Quest Engineering

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The Q Mount UB1 is a revolutionary mounting system for pro-audio speakers.

The patent pending innovation delivers full articulation with replicable positioning accuracy, exceptional weight carrying capacity and easy user installation in a simple, lightweight compact form.

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  • The Q Mount UB1's patented interlock system enables exceptional load lifting capacity. Typically larger, more cumbersome brackets are required when mounting large speakers causing a visual impact to the architectural interior. The UB1 delivers by minimizing the visible footprint of the bracket whilst still providing the much needed stiffness and holding strength required. Blending the latest in polymer composite technology it really does pack a punch.

  • Often commercial installations require more than one person, as well as additional tools, to safety install speakers resulting in increased costs and time. The Q Mount UB1 enables a single installer to safely mount, locate and accurately position the speaker without the need for additional tools. In practice a speaker is mounted onto the Q Mount UB1 and the locking handle engaged with a few turns, instantly secures the speaker and allowing the installer to continue to final positioning safely. Once the desired position is found, the speaker is permanently secured with a few more turns of the locking handle.

  • Being able to quickly and easily reposition speakers are a must with multiple speaker arrays needing to be reoriented to the same position. The Q Mount UB1 allows each speaker to be accurately positioned time and time again with a simple turn of the locking handle. In addition speaker can also be quickly moved from portrait to landscape modes by pivoting about the locking pin. All this is achieved without the need for tools saving much needed time and reducing the risks associated with working at heights.

  • Many of today's bracket systems are large, cumbersome and distract from the visual aesthetics in architectural environments. The Q Mount UB1 was designed to make a speaker seem to 'float' in midair. This was achieved by delivering high level functionality with simplified componentry, to ensure a system with the smallest visible footprint possible. Functional elements were positioned on the speaker side of the system leaving the wall plate as the only visible presence to the mounting systems existence. Just about a minimal as you can get.