Puli Garden

  • 2017

  • Architectural
    Place Design

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Private Client

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Puli Township, a picturesque place, is surrounded with green hills, clear waters and scattered villages, which make this place extremely beautiful and attractive. Beside the main road, an unadorned but thick stone wall contains a place planted with trees with dark green shades, an attractive and delicately-designed wonderland in modern world.

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  • Every plant has its own botanical characteristics and features. At the beginning of this design project, the designer had spent time learning the skill to bring up a self-dependent ecosystem, from the observing cautiously from the perspectives of geological, environmental, climate, water, soil conditions, etc. On the basis of this principle of design, the designer concentrated on building up a courtyard with multiple spatial characteristics, lights and shades, and vivid picturesque. In the meantime, the designer brought up whole new experiences from the perspectives of visual, smell, flavor, touch, and hearing effects.

  • Along the shady path, the flagrances of flowers and shades of trees had become the amazing area direction. The reflection of piling rocks and landscape of sky and mountain in the flowing water, with swimming fishes, have created an invigorating and lively atmosphere in a modern courtyard. The growth of distinctive plants, in different seasons, has displayed a wide variety of natural landscapes.

  • At the end of spring, the courtyard is full of greenery trees; at the end of fall, the leaves are turning into red. The small island, piled up by rocks, is planted with trees on the middle of the lake. At the area on the courtyard, the duck house is made by bamboo, and the plain wooden arbor is built in the plants, the environmental-friendly design skills that minimize the interferences of architects on the nature.

  • At this place, people feel the harmonious connection and relationship between human beings and nature. The designer, in this project, has excellently applied the natural landscapes of dry creeks and farmlands, and surrounding mountains into the design plan of this courtyard, making this place a rebirth of Utopia in modern world.