PSMA to Geoscape Rebrand

  • 2021

  • Communication
    Branding and Identity

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Geoscape Australia (formerly PSMA – Public Sector Mapping Agency) is a pioneering Australian technology company. They might not be well known, but their work impacts the way we live, work and get around. By defining and embedding their brand, we’ve positioned them as a business critical collaborator in tomorrow’s data economy.

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  • The 'data economy' is complex and PSMA's role within it was unclear due to the intricate value chain. As Australia's national aggregator and manager of location data, they are a unique company, and creators of Geoscape, a world-class product which is essentially Australia's digital master map. This introduction of more precise, dynamic and seamlessly delivered data would see them begin to play new and business-critical roles within the data ecosystem. The rebrand needed to bring this change to life, taking their partners, customers and people on this journey from government-backed agency to a leading geospatial pioneer and business partner.

  • Our role was to help define the new go-to-market strategy and repositioning of the business, as well as navigating their brand transition from PSMA to the Geoscape brand. The defining shift was to move from PSMA's traditional role as 'niche specialists' to Geoscape as 'critical collaborators' for modern business. Being government-owned, it was critical to ensure the positioning as expressed through the identity design protected their role as a 'neutral' authority while enabling more valuable participation in the commercial market. A newly defined purpose of 'Placing intelligence in a digital world' sits at the heart of this shift.

  • The new strategy and expression have created positive impact by accelerating the shift across Geoscape's business and its people, customers and partners, including: - Increased visitation/traffic to their website - Client wins have increased through greater clarity of message and brand relevance - Growth of the sales team and opening of a Sydney office - Influential partners like Salesforce in having clearer, stronger, conversations with prospective clients in advocating for Geoscape - Employee satisfaction has significantly increased (measured through pre/post launch surveys) - Recruitment has seen a massive upturn - desirability to talent was a key issue before the rebrand

  • One major driver for this project was the need to become more commercial and customer-orientated. The rebrand needed to bring people on the journey and accelerate change. Building on a dynamic new brand, we created an employee value proposition and experience principles that communicated what is unique and compelling about Geoscape as an employer. This permeated all aspects of life - from onboarding, internal communication, reward and recognition, squad action planning sprints and leadership behaviour. It also created a bold and exciting communication platform to attract new skills into the organisation. Based on the new brand strategy and identity we created an EVP campaign "Mission Possible". This was designed to position Geoscape as an employer of choice with specific talent segments, communicating the benefits of the organisation, the agile structure, unique culture and the many opportunities on offer. It was also a call to action for existing employees, making a direct connection between every employee and team ('squad') with the vision and encouraging their people to be more confident and purposeful in their roles. Creating focus on the values and behaviours that are core to success, every squad created action plans and commitments about how they would live the new brand.