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  • 2022

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Decor Systems

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Decor Systems is a 50-year old acoustic panelling company. Their branding belied their excellent category knowledge, and passion for delivering premium, precise solutions. A new brand identity, forged with a design edge, confirmed their top-tier player status and increased appeal with architects – their key target audience to unlock business growth.

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  • Decor Systems' brand did not speak to the premium nature of their precision acoustic solutions, which made it difficult to acquire new customers in the desired vertical of top-tier architectural firms. The best architects have a meticulous eye, and are incredibly selective when it comes to choosing partners who they believe will help realise their creative vision. The new brand needed to convey that Decor Systems understood good design, by starting in their own backyard.

  • The design solution took the brand and elevated it from humble supplier, to partner in design, capable of realising an architect's most complex vision. We focussed on crafting a premium brand aligned with how architects see themselves. The minimal, architectural aesthetic positions Decor Systems as masters of environmental and spatial design, driving demand for their products and expertise. The brand concept, ‘Modulations’, delves into the way sound changes its form depending on the environment. Taking inspiration from sound principles such as NRC, reflection, absorption and diffusion, the applications of the new brand are endless - from digital to the factory floor.

  • The impact of the revolutionised brand identity is wide-reaching, as it affects so many parts of the business. Commercially, the new brand is able to place the organisation in better company, improving brand perception and enabling conversations with new customers who previously were not open to working with Decor Systems. It has garnered not only new customers, but new team members. It has instilled a renewed sense of pride from within the company, and placed them on a global stage. It also moves the industry forward by striving for a higher standard not dared by any of Decor Systems competitors.

  • Our interviews with architects also showed that when it comes to noise reduction principles, many only know the basics, and rely on their product supplier to help them with that knowledge to ensure they adhere to regulations and shape a striking space. We wanted to position Decor Systems as masters of this domain and so wove the key principles of sound acoustics into the brand identity. The logo is an architectural representation of sound waves as they travel through space, and NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient) curves can be seen throughout the branded collateral. These curves gave us a flexible repository to execute across any branded elements - from business cards, to printed collateral, to warehouse and factory signage and protective gear. We used Swiss design principles to maintain a gridded, aesthetically pleasing structure to all elements, including the eventual website rollout.