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Inspired by nature, Proludic’s Kanopé play equipment engages children of all ages into fun, active play. Climb a tree tower, cross a bridge, use ropes to scale the forest, or navigate a pathway through vegetation. Using curved lines and organic shapes, the modular Kanopé range is safe, robust and durable.

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  • With the prevalence of urban living many children do not have access to play in natural settings. Playing in nature provides many developmental benefits and enjoyment. Current solutions for providing natural play experiences in urban environments include the use of untreated timber equipment. Whilst timber equipment can have many benefits, it is also subject to the natural processes of weathering and deterioration. Playgrounds with untreated timber equipment often require more frequent maintenance and replacement regimes. There is a need for a solution that reflects the experiences and aesthetics of playing in nature, with the benefits of responsible and modern materials.

  • Proludic has investigated the physical movements and emotions of children exploring the outdoors, and combined these with inspiration from nature to design the play structures and features of the Kanopé range. Trees, leaves, wild grasses, waterfalls and wildlife have been recreated in Kanopé with modern materials of steel, compact composite and recycled HDPE plastic. These materials are resistant to weathering, require minimal maintenance and are completely recyclable. The Kanopé range combines a modern aspect with natural inspirations and fits in both natural and urban play environments. An alternative timber-look colour scheme allows designers to seamlessly integrate Kanopé into nature playgrounds.

  • Article 31 of the United Nation’s Convention on the Rights of the Child declares the rights of children to engage in play and recreational activities, and encourages the provision of these opportunities. Proludic’s Kanopé range presents an exceptional resource for the design and implementation of nature inspired play areas for children which contribute to the well-being of society. Kanope’s unique aesthetic and inventive play elements validate Proludic as an innovative designer and provider of choice for public play solutions. The use of robust, durable and sustainable materials that are 100% recyclable confirms Proludic’s commitment to a more sustainable future.

  • The Proludic Kanopé range invites children to venture into the heart of play with structures that simulate wild grasses or tree trunks bent by the wind. Each structure is an adventure trail with curved lines, organic shapes and colors of a woodland world in motion. The modular design allows adaptation of layouts with customised elements. Each playful function is accomplished in a clean and contemporary aesthetic environment. Younger children can explore ground level elements and lower-level platforms. Older children attracted to the treetops can climb up to higher platforms and access thrilling slides. Multiple ropes bring transparency and movement with children climbing in all directions. Proludic has a deep knowledge of children’s play and the regulatory requirements regarding play areas. The Kanopé range is independently certified for compliance with Playground Standards ensuring play can take place in the context of complete safety. Proludic’s ISO14001 certified environmental management system ensures 100% recyclable, sustainable and durable materials preserve the lifetime of Kanopé structures. PEFC certification provides further guarantees. Proludic’s commitment to high quality design and manufacturing, and our understanding of current trends in urban living have generated the creation of the original and innovative Kanopé range with inspirational play functions and features.