Projecta Intelli-Start IS1500

  • 2017

  • Product
    Commercial and Industrial

Commissioned By:

Brown and Watson

Designed In:


Despite its impressive cranking power the IS1500 is much more compact than all known alternatives, it is 75% lighter than conventional lead acid jump starters and unlike any other on the market the Intelli-Start provides “Rapid Recharge Technology” almost eliminating the need to charge the jump starter on the docking station.

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  • Rapid Recharge Technology (RRT) allows the jump starter to recover 100% of lost energy (during a 200A five second jump start) within 40 seconds directly from the vehicle alternator. This results in a jump starter that never needs to be charged during the working day. The RRT requires the product to be specifically designed to allow current to flow in both directions from the jump start battery, a proprietary algorithm is employed to ensure the battery is not overcharged at both the cell and whole battery level while being charged ensuring safety at all levels.

  • The size, weight and modern ergonomic design of the IS1500 captured the market by storm. It is smaller and lighter than any other known brand with a design that is sensationally ergonomic making it easy and comfortable to handle and the strong durable finish of this professional tool results in it always looking fresh and ready for use. Its compact size and light weight enables engine top placement, eliminating the need for excessively long clamp leads. With 550A of clamp power the Projecta IS1500 is immanently suited for starting diesel engines up to 6.0 litres and petrol engines up to 8.0 litres thus covering passenger cars, 4WD's, light commercial vehicles and buses making it the ideal workshop tool.

  • Durability in the workshop has been well covered in the design of this advanced unit with features such as a tough rubber over-moulded body, premium spark-free clamps and reinforced cable connections. All materials have been tested to stringent requirements which must endure everything from diesel, petrol, brake fluid to citric acid cleaner. The IS1500 has passed numerous stress tests and thanks to it's glass reinforced PA6 housing it can withstand a 1.5m drop with no physical damage.

  • The IS1500 offers unparalleled safety protecting the user, vehicle and jump starter. The Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery is inherently safer that other lithium batteries and the IS1500 has the following built in: - Surge Protection - Overvoltage protection - Over cranking protection - Low voltage indicator - Reverse polarity alarm - Over current protection - Undercurrent protection - Short circuit protection - Battery cell balancing - Battery and switch over temperature protection