Projecta IDC25

  • 2016

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The Projecta IDC25 is the toughest, most advanced dual battery management system available on the market today. Allowing you to charge your 12V second/auxiliary deep cycle battery on the go. The IDC25 is shock, vibration and dust-proof, it is also water resistant, making it suitable for both in-vehicle and under-bonnet installation.

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  • Many modern vehicles are fitted with smart alternators and these don't work with standard dual battery systems. The technologically advanced Projecta IDC25 however has been specifically designed to work with both smart alternators and conventional alternators. This new generation 'Smart Charger' also boasts 'Dual Input Operation' allowing it to simultaneously and automatically charge from both solar and smart/ conventional alternators (9-32v). It uses a sophisticated MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) solar regulator technology, and as such operates as a solar controller, maximising the power generated from panels.

  • IDC25 will automatically adjust its output based on battery temperature, preventing overcharge and overheating in small batteries and hotter climates. IDC25 can safely operate in extreme temperatures up to 80° C, as found in engine bays in hotter climates. The IDC25 will detect and indicate a reversed connection on the input and output terminals, preventing damage to the internal circuitry of the unit. Furthermore the IDC25 will automatically shut down if it detects an over voltage or under voltage problem, preventing damage to the battery. The IDC25 will not begin charging unless the load is securely connected, preventing output leads from sparking due to accidental short circuit.

  • Unlike other leading DC-DC chargers on the market (which often require additional devices to allow solar charging, charge current management and some protection features) the IDC25 is an all in one solution. The simple single button interface allows the user to adjust battery chemistry quickly and easily. An additional wire is provided allow the installation of an external L.E.D indicator to remotely display charging and fault status, this allows flexibility for the units location and makes is easy to view in the cockpit of a car or caravan. To ensure a smooth and easy installation process the IDC25 comes with pre-wired cabling each individually labelled for ease of fitment.

  • The rugged IP67 design of the IDC25 affords it to be mounted wherever best suits the application. By using advanced potting technology the unit is resistant to shock, vibration, dust and water allowing for under-bonnet or in-vehicle installation. Clever 'side extrusions' incorporated within the enclosure allow the unit to be mounted to flat surfaces as close to the auxiliary battery as possible. Constructed from anodized extruded aluminium and painted ABS the IDC25 is corrosion resistant and will last the distance in extreme conditions.

    Using high speed microcontroller and proprietary charging algorithm, the IDC25 delivers a sophisticated 3 stage charging process resulting in a faster and more powerful charge, ideal for deep cycle batteries. The algorithm is optimised for 4 different chemistries of battery, AGM, Gel, Wet and calcium.The first stage, bulk (constant current), charges the battery faster while the second stage, absorption (constant voltage), ensures the battery is thoroughly charged. The final stage, float, maintains the battery at a safe voltage allowing it to be maintained and ready for use indefinitely.

    Featuring the latest synchronous switching technology, IDC25's efficiency exceeds 94% at typical full load conditions, converting your vehicle's 12V DC / 24V DC alternator power to a more complete charge and prolonging battery life.

    The sleek aesthetic of the IDC25 illustrates it's premium product position. The silver and anodised black enclosure sits proudly as part of Projecta's premium product range. Careful attention was made when designing the front face plate and extra lengths were made to make the front panel appear “screw less”. The physical design of the unit has an angled face to allow the user to easily see the operation L.E.D's from all angles.