Primal Pods

  • 2019

  • Product
    Sport and Lifestyle

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Philip Gartlan of EDAS Foods

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EDAS Foods are re-imagining food to be healthy and ultra-convenient. Primal Pods are a nutritious meal that is consumed with no preparation, no cooking, no cleaning and no refrigeration. Made from Australian meat and vegetables with no additives, preservatives etc, they are clean eating in its most convenient form.

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  • The nutrition goals of many people are compromised by not being able to find the time to prepare meals whilst living their best life. Convenient food choices are even more complicated when taking into consideration dietary trends such as paleo, keto, vegan/vegetarian and gluten free. The goal of EDAS Foods was to find a solution to satisfy the nutrition goals of people that have not had the time to prepare the meals they would prefer to eat. We wanted to provide access ultra-convenient meals that could be consumed anywhere and at anytime.

  • After 12 months of research and experimentation on combining dehydration and cooking techniques, our delicious meals have been designed to be consumed without any preparation whatsoever. We developed a new way of thinking about the use of dehydration as all current reference material is focused on the rehydration aspects of the result. We engaged a nutritionist, food scientists, an analytical chemist and a chef to help refine our designs and understand the nutritional properties of the meals. We worked with packaging specialists and graphic designers to ensure the end result was of the highest quality in every aspect.

  • We are providing highly convenient and nutritious meals as an alternative to traditional fast foods. We envisage our meals becoming a differentiator in everything from defense, vending machines in hospitals & gyms, astronauts, long distance trekking etc. We are being evaluated as part of the emergency ration kit for the Australian Antarctic division due to the low-moisture content and not requiring cooking/heat. Our meals reduce food waste (long shelf life), require no refrigeration, are ideal for exporting and we promote the use of produce considered "seconds". With 99% Australian ingredients, our meals can export Australian produce with less spoilage concerns.

  • We have a clear focus on safety and have developed a HACCP plan. We worked with PIRSA to understand the best practices and processes required for safe handling of meat when manufacturing jerky. We have successfully passed our food premises audit. We worked with SARDI to verify our understanding of the impacts of dehydration on nutrition and calculate "Best before" dates. We have never had a complaint on the quality of our food. As a company, we have sponsored athletes and employed young people. We have plans to increase our use of seconds and would love to have the capital to move towards the use of solar power and recycled materials. We have more innovative food products being designed currently and hope to get them on the market in 2019. We are designing products that take away the need to prepare meals in order help you "Eat Clean, Wherever You Are!".