Presto Salon Hairbrush Cleaner

  • 2021

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    Domestic Appliances

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Comfortel Furniture

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Presto is an Australian-designed electric brush cleaner that makes it easy to remove hair from hair brushes.
Presto by Comfortel solves the manual task of hairbrush cleaning and results in a faster, more thorough and more hygienic experience for hair stylists and their clients.

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  • As a leading supplier to the hair salon industry, Comfortel identified that cleaning hair from hair brushes was a manual task that needed a more efficient and consistent way to be performed. This would improve cleaning standards and client experience within salons. Comfortel was determined to solve the problem, and worked out that the solution had to be: -Compact so it doesn't take up too much bench space -Compatible with a wide range of hairbrushes -Fast and efficient at performing the task -Easy and intuitive to use and maintain -Quiet to operate -Complimentary to salon interior aesthetics

  • The Comfortel Presto Brush Cleaner works by inserting a brush and cleaning with rotating synthetic fibres. The interplay of the rotating bristles, hair catchment and rear vent creates a patented cyclonic airflow which efficiently collects both hair and hair care product particles that are often hard to remove from the brush. The debris is ejected and trapped in the removable canister enabling touch-free disposal when full. This effective cleaning tool leaves brushes free of hair and product debris, allowing the salon to sterilize with ease. The modern curves and ergonomic shape make it a stylish addition to any salon.

  • Presto is a unique product with a universal design language making it intuitive to understand and use. It has created export sales in new markets and created commercial and distribution opportunities for Comfortel in countries around the world, including the key markets of the EU and USA. The transformation of brush cleaning from a frustrating inconvenience to an enjoyable activity makes it easy for stylists to clean their brushes and sterilize frequently. Hygiene concern is at an all time high worldwide. Presto helps minimise cross-contamination enabling salons to operate safely, providing peace of mind for salon owners, stylists and clients.

  • At 14.6cm wide, 30.5cm deep and 23.5cm high, Presto fits comfortably on the countertop of even the busiest hair salons. It's 3.3kg mass has a low centre of gravity for stability, while still being suitable for international postage. Interchangeable power packs enable Presto to be sold worldwide with no design variations. Large rubber feet also help with stability, so even heavily clogged brushes can be cleaned with one-handed operation. Flat or paddle brushes can also be cleaned, as long as they have a handle. Once full, the hair canister can be removed using the quick release button, and simply be tipped into a waste bin totally touch-free. One of the surprising benefits of installing a Presto in a new salon is the theatre surrounding its use. Stylists are delighted that it's quick and easy to clean their brushes all while watching the process through the viewing window. Meanwhile their clients are interested to discover Presto's purpose, and are reassured that their professional salon takes cleanliness seriously. Another surprising development since Presto's launch is the interest shown from high end consumer electronics retailers wanting to offer Presto to the premium home appliance and home beauty markets.