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Babybee’s POD is a safer way for your newborn to sleep. A two-in-one product, POD combines the benefits of both a bassinet and bedside sleeper. Easy on the eye, the POD has been designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing home interiors and bridge the gap between form and style.

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  • To create a bassinet and bedside sleeper that balances safety, form, function and style in equal measures. Our aim with POD was to also integrate all four of Red Nose Australia’s bassinet safe sleeping guidelines into the overall design and create a nurturing and safe environment for newborns. With POD, we also wanted to challenge the consumer’s perception of what a baby product can look like by designing a piece of baby furniture that seamlessly integrates into existing home interiors and that the consumer is proud to have on display.

  • POD has been designed and engineered to offer Australian parents a safer space for their newborn to sleep. The POD is a bassinet and bedside sleeper all-in-one, inviting the consumer to use it their way. As a standalone bassinet, the POD’s frame is made of aluminium making it lightweight and easy to move around the house with a total weight of 8.8kg assembled. In bedside sleeper mode, the POD encourages parent-child connection while still offering your little one their own safe, separate place to sleep.

  • Our mission was to design a safer space for newborns to sleep and offer peace of mind to new parents. As bassinets have a product lifespan of up to 6 months before baby transitions to cot sleeping, we wanted to offer the consumer a well-rounded bassinet that is good value, good quality and can be used in multiple ways during this time. The POD offers parents flexibility when it comes to sleep time rituals for your baby, where it can be used as a standalone bassinet or bedside sleeper depending on the preference or development stage of your little one.

  • POD is a bassinet and bedside sleeper all in one. The POD offers parents flexibility as they are able to experiment with two safe sleeping options for their newborn. The POD priortises safety and has been designed to incorporate all four of Red Nose’s safe sleeping bassinet guidelines. These include a sturdy and wide base, good breathability zones with all four sides of the bassinet constructed from mesh, a firm mattress no thicker than 75mm and all four sides of the bassinet are 300mm higher than the bassinet. In standalone bassinet mode, the POD adjusts to 7 heights and weighs 8.8kg fully assembled making it extremely lightweight and easy to transport. In bedside sleeper mode, the POD comes with fixing belts that attach to your bed frame and the drop down side of the bassinet means baby can sleep close to their parent while having their own safe, separate space. This close proximity also makes it extremely comfortable for mothers to reach for their baby while recovering from birth.