Pende Table

  • 2017

  • Product
    Furniture and Lighting

Commissioned By:

Superpod Pty Ltd

Designed In:


The Pende Table is an ingenious, inventive concept. A unique, pentagonal steel bracket provides the exact positioning of five slender, straight timber legs resulting in an elegant, self supporting, criss-crossing form. No complicated joinery is required, and the structure is very strong and self-locking. The simple bolting system allows for easy assembly, re-assembly & transport. A light and tray option add to the table’s practicality and beauty.

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  • The Pende Table is a beautiful, minimalist solution to diagonal leg structural issues. Its visual elegance and fully resolved design makes it a desirable object for any discerning lover of furniture. Its strength is clearly evident whilst the hollow bracket, light, slender legs and glass top result in a piece which seemingly floats on air. One can see and trust that it works, without fully understanding the physics involved. Its apparent simplicity provides an intuitive connection, especially when it can be assembled easily at home. What's more, the unique additions of light and tray tap further into the zeitgeist of minimalism, multi-use products, and travelling lightly on this earth.

  • The product perfectly fulfils its function: a minimalist, incredibly strong, light and elegant table which utilises geometry and physics (not adhesive) to secure multiple diagonal legs which further interlock and strengthen as weight is provided from above. The table can be easily deconstructed and reassembled. Minimal use of materials results in a lighter carbon footprint and coincides with the Superpod® passive house building system for which it was originally designed. The table's uses, optional add-ons and versatility are clear. It is perfectly balanced and very easy to use.

  • The tabletop protects the light fitting from breakage or being touched, although the bulb itself is not hot to the touch. The edges of the tray sit neatly over the toughened glass of the table top. The legs of the table also protect the light from inadvertent contact.

  • The product is easily disassembled and as such overcomes a common problem with more traditional criss-cross tables. Transport volume, costs and associated carbon footprint are reduced. The wood, steel bracket, bolts, and glass, are all recyclable. Finishes on the timber are eco-friendly. The light fitting can be adapted to more and more energy efficient bulbs as they come on the market. The materials and processes used have a minimal impact on the environment. A durable item, its longevity ensures low impact on the environment. The clever use of floor space for three separate purposes facilitates contemporary living, reducing unnecessary consumption.

    The product is extremely well made and finished, entirely in Melbourne, Australia. Sophisticated jig development ensures accuracy of connections and repeatability. The quality timber, customised steel hardware, and toughened glass, ensure a well finished, elegant piece that is very securely held in place by its own structure, without loosening over time. Production line fabrication is definitely possible. Potential substitution of materials is also possible, and would result in different price points while still retaining overall form and the other design benefits of the piece.

    The piece is intended to be marketed at the price point of high quality contemporary furniture. Compromise on design or construction is not countenanced. Its commercial value lies in owning a piece which survives the decades, providing beauty, functionality and joy over time. Options for aesthetic variation are endless, with different coloured timbers and different glass options being combined to produce new looks, without any change to structure or construction methods. Superpod, which commissioned the design, has its brand value enhanced by its association with such high quality furniture, given that Superpod's housing designs are also high quality, beautiful, long lasting and sustainable. PodMarket's brand value is established with this piece alone. Good design is often partially hidden, but its benefits beyond the aesthetic become more evident over the years.

    This is an original patent-pending design and concept. It utilises mathematics, engineering and physics, combined with excellent craftsmanship, to achieve a structurally strong piece with minimal materials. There is more than a pleasing visual appearance in this design, as the inventive concept goes to its conceptual structural make up. The concept underlying the Pende is patent pending, because it can be applied to any polygon shaped bracket, even an irregular one; to different numbers of legs; and to any height table whether dining, coffee or side table as in the one shown in this entry.