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LUDO is helping address the ongoing rise of cardiac disease, which is the predominant cause of death globally. This Australian disruptive platform technology enables developers of artificial heart and cardiac assist devices to mature their life-saving solutions more rapidly and reliably, from bench-top prototype to in-human devices.

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  • Research and development teams around the world are focused on developing smaller, safer pumps to aid, or replace, the human heart. But these highly specialised pumps are just one part of a sophisticated control system that needs to operate for years without failing. LUDO is a complex software and electronics product, controlled by a Graphical User Interface, that provides the critical control systems that drive the pump, allowing Mechanical Circulatory Support (MCS) scientists and engineers to focus on their core pump challenges. It provides a first-of-type product solution where previously there was none: Developers typically would build their own solutions.

  • A decade of MCS industry experience, combined with market insights gathered through collaborating with MCS developers, led to the identification of a need for a configurable pump controller. Suitable for use throughout the system development cycle, from early-stage lab testing to animal tests to first-in-human trials, LUDO is providing developers with control of multiple variables for driving their unique pump. Developed as a plug-and-play solution, LUDO combines a safety critical architecture, proven hardware and software modules, and a configurable platform that will seamlessly and efficiently morph into the final form-factor as a regulatory compliant product.

  • LUDO is unique. It has been designed and developed based on thousands of hours of MCS control system development experience. It is a standalone product but packaged as a development platform to give tremendous flexibility to development teams as they integrate their pump and the control system. LUDO significantly reduces development risks, resulting in reduced development time and cost, and allowing a greater focus on the critical needs of the patient. The housing is highly configurable by the developer, while the UI has been praised for the information and control it provides.

  • Recently released to market, the plug and play nature of the platform has rapidly led to LUDO powering four MCS developments in the US, EU and Australia. Developed with 10 years of Mechanical Circulatory Support market insight, LUDO matches the key requirements of an MCS development program from benchtop test prototype to in-human trials. . LUDO enables research and development teams to: - Access and utilise sophisticated physiological and pump control algorithms from early in the pump's development cycle - Start driving pumps sooner due to LUDO's intuitive user interface, and plug-and-play design - Achieve clinical performance of pumps sooner - Focus durability testing on pumping blood not the infrastructure - Achieve testing flexibility while maintaining real-time feedback - Achieve meaningful data capture & analysis in early development stages and through to clinical trials