Pencil by FiftyThree

  • 2015

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    Consumer Electronics

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Pencil by FiftyThree is a Bluetooth digital stylus modeled after the beloved carpenter’s pencil. Pencil’s key features of Palm Rejection, Erase, Blend, and Surface Pressure allow you to comfortably rest your hand on the screen while writing, flip Pencil around to use it’s built-in eraser, use your finger to blend colors, and angle Pencil to create lines of varying widths. Pencil is available in 3 beautiful finishes: black Graphite, sustainable Walnut and Gold, made from brushed aluminum. Blending advanced engineering with meticulous craft, Pencil is a core component to FiftyThree’s essential suite of mobile creativity tools.

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  • Digital styli typically resemble pens. We chose the form of a carpenter's pencil, used by builders and makers for centuries, because they they don't roll, and their unique, tapered tip enable a wide range of writing, drawing, and shading angles. The form is continuous, balanced, and fits comfortably in the hand. The inlaid logo and parting lines hold tight tolerances to ensure precision and quality. Moreover, because our app Paper is intended for ideation, pencils connote flexibility and forgiveness, in addition to being iconic and nostalgic. The Walnut model in particular connects emotionally because each has a wholly unique grain that changes in tone and sheen over time from your finger's oils.

  • Pencil was designed to keep you in the flow without needing to switch tools or modes. Unique features like a Built-In Eraser allow you to be bold knowing an eraser is just a flip away; Palm Rejection lets you comfortably rest your hand on screen while sketching or writing; Blend enables you to blend colors with your finger; Surface Pressure means you simply angle Pencil to control line thickness and shading. Pencil's sensors have been plated in 14k gold for lightning fast reaction times, the tip material is friction-tuned to feel great on screen, Walnut Pencils snap magnetically to iPad cases, and Pencils built-in USB battery means charging without extra dongles. 90 minutes of charging lasts for up to one month

  • Pencil's key features described above are world first and not found in any other Bluetooth stylus on the market. It's Bluetooth connection is as it should be via Pencil's Kiss to Pair technology: no settings menus, no confusing pairing rituals. Just press Pencil's tip to the screen, for a clear, simple and stable connection. We also created an interaction model that allows for pen and touch interactions such as zooming and writing simultaneously.

  • The Walnut model of Pencil is sourced from sustainably harvested walnut wood in Wisconsin. The body is milled from a solid piece of premium-grade walnut that has met rigorous standards for sustainability and is FSC certified. The seamless brushed aluminum body of the black Graphite model has been extruded to reduce manufacturing waste. Pencil's packaging is a tube made from raw pulp paper that is easily recycled. Spare tip and eraser parts are included in the package, with sealed storage built right inside the pulp structure. When using the packaging as a case, they're there when you need them, or you can recycle the case but keep these single spare parts from being easily lost.

    Pencil was designed to bring high value at an affordable price. We simplified part count and engineering complexity without compromising functionality and quality. For example, Pencil's external body and inner core snap together without the use of screw or extra parts. While Pencil works as a non-connected stylus with any touchscreen device, we created an SDK to ensure Pencil's unique feature - Blend, Erase, Palm Rejection, Bluetooth pairing, and Surface Pressure - will be compatible not just with our app Paper, but a steadily growing list. Currently, Pencil is compatible with Procreate, Sketchbook Pro, Adobe's mobile app suite, Noteshelf, Mobile Mouse, and several others.