Palm Caffe Cup

  • 2016

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    Housewares and Objects

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Palm Products

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The idea is to maintain the emotional pleasure of drinking coffee from a cup, whilst adding the convenience of a leak-proof travel cup that keeps the contents drinkable for twice as long.

It is designed to:

– be beautiful visually and to hold
– be intuitive to use
– have sound environmental credentials

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  • - Gently curved shape tapers to the top - Curved non-slip base - Windows to link the emotion of the coffee to the drinker and aid drinking - Soft-grip surrounds to windows to aid tactile feel - Solid colour to unify and give strength to the form - Choice of colour to express a range of emotions - black, purple, vivid blue, Orange - Beautiful to hold - no sharp corners, mixture of soft and hard textures - Cup like drinking rim and intuitive rotating lid

  • Patent Pending PCT/AU2015/000031 Benefits - The Caffe Cup keep contents drinkable twice as long as an open ceramic cup. - The body insulates the hot contents from the user - The non-slip base aids stability and acts as coaster The sandwich construction method: - Enables a 30% shorter height than 2 wall containers - so it fits under a standard espresso machine and is more stable. - Enables a window to be formed in the body - Enables it to be made economically in one cycle of a 2-shot moulding machine in an automated production cell. (With 2 wall containers, each is made separately and then joined) - Makes it absorbent to shock

  • (International Registered Design 367327) Benefits - Intuitive and Positive Operation - For drinking - a short push with audible “Click” to indicate when open, a short push on the opposite side with an audible “click” to indicate when fully closed in leak-proof position - To remove the Cap from the body - a short rotation until an audible “Click” indicates when open, and an audible “Click” when fully closed in leak-proof position - To remove lid from cap for cleaning just push from underneath Coffee flows naturally as it would from an open cup - no spouts or holes. Shape of drinking rim is the same as a cup or mug

  • - Only 3 parts - body, cap and lid (some with button mechanism have 9) - Easy to disassemble and assemble - Dishwasher safe.

    Both Tritan from Eastman - the body material - and Sorona from DuPont - the cap and lid material, have a high density and a hard surface which resists absorption of coffee and tea taste, odour and stains. Most competitors use polypropylene which is absorbent.

    The contents can be safely re-heated in a microwave.

    In order achieve this, the Caffe Cup was: Designed for automated un-manned production. Designed to have only 3 parts to minimize manufacturing cost and assembly. Two-shot moulding is used on the body to economically combine hard walls and soft insulating material, and on Cap to combine hard cap with soft seals. (Double walled containers with simple flip lids have 4 parts and are welded to assemble. Button type travel cups have up to 9 components with complex assembly). Designed to be compact to reduce material usage and transport cost. Designed for export markets to achieve volume.