FURI Stone Blocks

  • 2023

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    Housewares and Objects

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Fackelmann Housewares

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We’re known for market leading knife blocks. Being close to our consumers, we understand their desire to proudly display tools of their craft in their kitchens. Increasing timber and manufacturing costs combined with our rebellious instincts prompted us to find a way to break the mould by making a mould.

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  • We wanted to “break the mould” of traditional wooden knife blocks to reinvigorate the category. Blocks are predominately constructed from timber, which results in a homogonous category aesthetic. Kitchens have become the home’s centre-point and consumers desire them to be beautiful and an expression of their tastes. This combined with modern interiors trends of increasingly using stone and other natural finishes inspired us to look for alternative materials for our knife blocks. A knife is only as good as it is sharp so keeping the cutting edge in excellent condition is always a primary consideration. This creates specific requirements.

  • Unconventional use of a composite stone material is a game changer. It allows different and complex shapes, addition of colour and texture which compliment modern kitchen designs. Being cast allows not only design flexibility and differentiation to timber blocks but also dimensional precision and repeatability without increasing costs. Our entry includes two shapes of blocks manufactured with the same materials and process. The first shape expresses the form of the Furi knife handle. The second radial design takes it shape from emerging interior design aesthetics.

  • From the consumers perspective they have been very accepting of the blocks for their unique aesthetic which allows them to coordinate to their kitchen finishes or express their love of stone-like materials. From retailer’s perspective their initial feedback was so positive we launched 13 variants of the initial design in 7 colours. This is four times more new SKUs than our average annual launch for the brand. This led us to develop the second radial version. Aspects of the timeless design, attention to detail and quality manufacturing support a sustainable approach where the produce is designed to last many years.

  • - Hollow centre for hygienic air circulation around the knives - Universal knife slots allow the knives to be organised in positions that suit the end use. - Radial block 5pc has integrated utensil holder, bringing a new benefit to the range by maximising usage of the footprint - Design flexibility of the material allows for infinite new designs and multitude of colours - Durable material means the knife block will last for years to come